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Brussels, 25 May 2010

Becoming your own boss? You tube generation tells you how

The European Entrepreneurship Video Award aims at encouraging film lovers to prove their creativity and skills by producing a short video that deals with entrepreneurship. Creative people were asked to visualize what entrepreneurship is all about and how to encourage people to become entrepreneur highlighting it as a fulfilling and satisfying career. The winners of the European Entrepreneurship Video Competition 2010 have been awarded their prizes by Vice President Antonio Tajani during a festive act at the Wolubilis Cultural Center in Brussels tonight. This competition, which had been organised by the Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry policy for the second time, makes part of the European Commission SME week campaign to promote entrepreneurship (see IP 10/605).

Prizes were awarded in three categories:

Entrepreneurship: The way into the future

Maria Palavamäki from Finland won the first prize with the video "Matti": An employee with a boring job, living for his hobby, airplane models, becomes an entirely new person, an entrepreneur managing his own airplane model enterprise.

1 Maria Palavamäki, Finland, Video: Matti

2 Brinja Schmidt, Germany, Video: Ein Schweinchen sucht sein Glück

3 Sandra Vaher, Estonia, video : Free Apples

Entrepreneurship – A different way of life

Mara Kapota from Greece won the first prize with the video, "Entrepreneurship a Different Taste of Life". In two minutes time, a charming kid transforms a routine family dinner by using and preparing the traditional ingredients of a Southern European meal (tomatoes, feta, garlic, cheese..) in a different way and all this served with a rhythmic music and charming smile.

1 Mara Kapota, Greece, Video: A different taste of life

2 Jelena Cupac, Serbia, Video: Seize the day

3 Robbert Weijers, The Netherlands, Video: The Marionette

Entrepreneurship – Challenges and rewards

Georgi Georgiev from Bulgaria won the first prize with the video -" My dream, my business". He shows how a young man is determined to realize his dream through a seed that he seeds, the resulting plant he cultivates and the flowers he harvests along the passing of the seasons accompanied by the genius of Vivaldi's music.

1 Georgi Georgiev, Bulgaria, Video: "My dream, my business"

2 Alexandre Lemoine Courx, France, Video: L´Esprit d'entreprise c'est l'affaire de tous

3 Dr. Umberto Rinaldo, Italy, Video: L'idea di Luca

Aged 25 or younger „Special Award“

Márton Medveczky from Hungary, with the video "The fruit of work", Uku Jõgi from Estonia with the video "UKU" and Andrew Jolly & Kyle Webster from United Kingdom with the video "Chog-zoo" won the special prizes reserved for participants aged 25 or younger. Three videos emphasising in different, funny ways (cartoons, film) how important knowledge and creativity are to succeed as entrepreneur: "sometimes it takes more than a push to achieve our goals, but with great challenge can come great reward."

1 Márton Medveczky, Hungary, Video: The fruit of work

2 Uku Jõgi, Estonia, Video: Uku (Heureka)

3 Andrew Jolly & Kyle Webster, United Kingdom, Video: Chog-zoo

The 3 winning videos in each of the three categories will be respectively awarded € 3,333, € 2,222 and € 1,111. The special prizes awarded 555€ are reserved for persons aged 25 or younger.

More than half of all Europeans have never thought about start their own business. Entrepreneurship is the key to growth and jobs with SMEs creating 80% of the new jobs in Europe.

All videos can be found on the following website

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