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Brussels, 16 December 2010

Environment: Commission biodiversity campaign wins international award

The European Commission's campaign to highlight awareness of biodiversity loss has won a prestigious award in the field of communication, a "European Excellence Award.” These awards – which are chosen by an independent jury of 30 leading communications professionals – are intended to honour outstanding achievements by communications professionals. The award is in the Environment and Ecology category. The campaign, which centres round a viral film and the slogan “weareallinthistogether”, has reached millions of Europeans around the continent, and will continue until next year.

EU Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik said: "I am very pleased to see this campaign attracting so much attention. Biodiversity loss is one of the most serious problems facing the world, and it is a problem that will not just disappear. Campaigns like this are vital, because young people are a tremendously important pressure group. They will be most affected by biodiversity loss – so their voices deserve to be the loudest."

The campaign, which is still running in all EU languages, has had considerable success. It stresses the interconnected nature of biodiversity and centres round the idea of loss, with striking visuals recalling the lines drawn around the victims at crime scene. Thousands of people have participated in live events and taken part in hands-on activities related to biodiversity. The website ( has had more than 3.5 million visits, the viral video ( has had at least 1.5 million views, and there are more than 55 000 active users of the biodiversity application on Facebook, with some 20 000 'fans' on Facebook for the campaign pages (

Background: The European Excellence Awards

The European Excellence awards are open to public relations, communications, brand building, and reputation management professionals from companies, consultancies, associations and NGOs, whose work has displayed exceptional talent and ability in 2010. This year there were 1400 submissions in all categories, with five films shortlisted in the environment category. The jury is comprised of board and senior management level communicators of PR firms, multinational companies, universities and governmental spokespersons.

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