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Brussels, 14 December 2010

Commission makes further appointments at senior management level

The Commission has taken today, upon a proposal from President Barroso and Vice-President Šefčovič, important decisions relating to its Senior Management Staff. Following its decision earlier this year to reserve a number of Senior Management posts for nationals of Member States which recently joined the Union, the Commission is appointing a Maltese national as Deputy Director-General in DG SANCO, three Romanian nationals on Director posts or equivalent in DG AGRI, ENER and RTD, two Lithuanians on Director posts or equivalent in DG AIDCO and in DG COMP, and one Principal Adviser of Polish nationality in DG SCIC. These appointments follow the recent nomination of a Slovak national in the Publication Office in Luxembourg. The Commission has also taken a number of other staffing decisions; the appointment of the three Deputy Secretaries-General; two Deputy Directors-General in DG AGRI; one Deputy Director-General in DG EAC; one Deputy Director-General in DG SANCO; the Director responsible for Civil Justice in DG JUST; three Principal Advisers in DG CLIMA, COMP and HOME; the transfers of four Directors to a function of Director in DG EMPL, ENTR and the Secretariat General as well as to the function of Head of Service in the newly created Foreign Policy Instruments Service. This is the third wave of appointments since this Commission came into office. With this package, the Commission reaffirms the principle that appointments are made on the basis of merit as a first criterion.

The Commission decision deals with:

  • The appointment of Martin Seychell, Director for Environment Protection in the Malta Environment and Planning Authority, to the post of Deputy Director General in DG SANCO

  • The appointment of Marianne Klingbeil, a German official, currently Director "Better Regulation, Evaluation and Impact Assessment" in the Secretariat General, and Michel Servoz, a French official, currently Director "Better Regulation and Coordination" in the Secretariat General as Deputy Secretaries-General as well as the transfer of Christian Danielsson, a Swedish official, to the function of Deputy Secretary-General

  • The appointment of Rudolf Mögele, a German official and currently Director "Agricultural legislation" in DG AGRI, and Joao Pacheco, a Portuguese official serving currently as Head of Delegation of the EU in Brazil, as Deputy Directors-General in DG AGRI

  • The appointment of Xavier Prats-Monne, a Spanish official, currently Director "Employment, Lisbon Strategy, International Affairs" in DG EMPL, to the post of Deputy-Director General in DG EAC

  • The appointment of Ladislav Miko, a Czech official, currently Director "Nature" in DG ENV, to the post of Deputy Director General in DG SANCO

  • The transfer of Robert Verrue to an Hors Class Adviser post in the Secretariat General; in view of his considerable economic expertise and knowledge of various EU policies, Mr Verrue will provide advice in shaping the overall economic and social agenda of the Commission

  • The appointment of Mihail Dumitru, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Romania, to the Director post in DG AGRI in charge of rural development

  • The appointment of Jonas Rasimas, currently Chairman of the Competition Council of Lithuania, as Director in DG COMP in charge of energy and environment

  • The appointments of Jolita Butkeviciene and Jaroslaw Porejski, currently Heads of Unit in the Commission of Lithuanian and Polish nationality respectively, to the posts of Principal Advisers in DG AIDCO and SCIC respectively

  • The appointment of Tudor Constantinescu, currently Executive Director of the Buildings Performance Institute, of Romanian nationality, to the post of Principal Adviser in DG ENER

  • The appointment of Catalin Fotache, of Romanian nationality, and currently General Manager in the United Technologies Research Center in the United States, to the post of Principal Adviser in DG RTD

  • The appointment of Paraskevi Michou, a Greek official, currently Head of Unit in DG INFSO, to the post of Director in charge of Civil Justice in DG JUST

  • The appointment of Peter Betts, currently Director and Acting Director General of International Climate Change at the British Department of Energy & Climate Change, to the post of Principal Adviser in DG CLIMA

  • The appointment of Kai-Uwe Kühn, a German national, Associate Professor of Economics at Michigan University, to the function of Chief Economic Adviser in DG COMP

  • The appointment of Myria Vassiliadou, a Cypriot national, currently Secretary General of the European Women's Lobby, to the function of Anti-Trafficking coordinator in DG HOME

  • The transfer of Tung-Lai Margue, a Luxembourg official, to the function of Head of Service of the Foreign Policy Instruments Service

  • The transfers of Alan Seatter, a British official, currently Director "North America, East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Western Europe (non-EU)" in DG RELEX, to the Director post in the Secretariat General in charge of Better Regulation and Coordination, of Francisco Merchan Cantos, a Spanish official, currently Director "Audit in the Commission" in the IAS, as Director in the Audit Directorate in DG EMPL, and of Carlo Pettinelli, an Italian official, currently Director "Audits, Control" in DG EMPL as Resource Director in DG ENTR

As with all such senior appointments, merit is the dominant criterion in these decisions. This is coupled with a search for the best possible match between Commissioners/Directors-General and its other Senior Managers. The Commission also strives to ensure an adequate balance of nationalities across its DGs and Services.

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