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Brussels, 24 November 2010

Citizenship: Commission welcomes Cypriot measures to apply European Enforcement Orders; closes infringement case

The European Commission has welcomed the notification by Cyprus of the measures required for enforcing civil and commercial claims across borders – so-called European Enforcement Orders. Under European Union rules on uncontested claims, which have been in place since 2005, EU countries must inform the Commission about which competent authority is responsible for issuing European Enforcement Orders and the languages that can be used. The infringement procedure has therefore been closed.

Under the European Enforcement Order, a judgement concerning uncontested claims obtained in one Member State is enforceable in any other Member State, without having to go through intermediate steps, the so-called exequatur procedure. These orders allow judgements to be enforced more quickly and efficiently throughout the EU (MEMO/05/392).

Under this binding EU Regulation (805/2004), EU countries had to implement the measures and (under Article 30 of the Regulation) notify the Commission of these measures, particularly:

  • the procedures for rectifications and withdrawal of the European Enforcement Order certificate

  • the languages accepted

  • the list of authorities responsible for issuing orders.

The deadline for notifying the Commission was 1 January 2005. Cyprus was the only EU country that did not sent the Commission any information. The Commission informally reminded Cyprus of the need to provide this information in September 2009. It then launched the first stage of infringement proceedings with a letter of formal notice in June 2010 (IP/10/671).

The Commission has closed the case after Cyprus provided the necessary information.


The European Enforcement Order for uncontested claims (Regulation 805/2004) has been in place since 21 October 2005.

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For more information about EU infringement procedures, see MEMO/10/605

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