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Brussels, 29 September 2010

ICT Research: European Commission and Brazil devote €10 million to cooperation in ICT research & development

The European Commission and the Brazilian Government have stepped up their cooperation on research and development in information and communication technologies (ICTs). A €10 million coordinated call for proposals will allow researchers and industries in the EU and Brazil to exchange their R&D strengths in key technological areas such as Future Internet experimental facilities and security, microelectronics and micro-systems, networked monitoring and control, and e-Infrastructures. The EU and Brazil are each contributing €5 million, which will be used to fund five pairs of interlinked projects. The closing date for submission of proposals is 18 January 2011.

Neelie Kroes, European Commission Vice-President for the Digital Agenda said, “The emerging challenges our societies and economies face today need to be tackled at the global level. Working hand-in-hand, European and Brazilian teams will develop interoperable technologies, solutions and standards that will have a significant impact on our life and the environment and will boost growth in both regions".

Brazilian researchers have successfully participated in the EU's Research Framework Programmes (FP) for over 10 years and have received more than €7 million. In FP7 (2007-2013), 35 Brazilian organisations have already become partners in projects funded under the EU’s ICT R&D and e-Infrastructures programmes. This represents more than a quarter of all Latin American participants in the EU’s research programmes and is expected to grow in the future, thanks to new funding opportunities to support collaboration with third countries

This call, presented at the ICT 2010 "Digitally Driven" event in Brussels, builds on existing successes in EU-Latin America cooperation, for example the ALICE project which has been funded by the EU since 2003. ALICE helped in the initial set-up of RedCLARA, the first regional Latin American research and education network spanning 12 countries, and in which the Brazilian infrastructure plays a pivotal role.

The RedCLARA network is currently co-funded by the EU @LIS2 Cooperation Programme with €12 million until 2012. Its high speed link to the pan-European GEANT2 network has triggered high-level cooperation between EU and Latin American researchers. For example, this powerful intercontinental infrastructure has enabled European astronomers to access data produced by a unique radio-telescope situated in Chile and to collaborate with their peers in Brazil and the United States to dramatically improve astronomical observation.

The coordinated call will offer new possibilities for EU and Brazilian researchers to join forces on key areas such as Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE), to enhance internet security and trust which is vital to combat the Digital Divide, or to develop advanced micro-systems and demonstrate their viability in such areas as environment, food quality, agriculture, logistics and public transport.

EU-Brazil broadband connectivity

The EU and Brazil have also agreed to work together to strengthen trans-Atlantic broadband connections between the EU and Latin America, particularly for scientific and technological cooperation. The Commission has also invited researchers to apply for a specific support action to investigate the feasibility of direct transatlantic broadband connectivity through deploying new and more powerful optical fibre cables.

Building on the Science & Technology Cooperation Agreement and on the Strategic Partnership signed respectively in 2006 and 2007, this coordinated call for proposals sets an important milestone in research cooperation between the EU and Brazil.


The call builds on the results of the workshop "EU-Brazil collaboration in the ICT field", which took place in São Paulo on 8-9 September 2009. Over 200 participants from both sides discussed needs and opportunities for cooperation in the areas of microelectronics and microsystems, networked monitoring and control, experimental facilities for the Future Internet, Future Internet security, and e-infrastructures. The formal agreement to launch the call was reached at the third meeting of the Steering Committee of Science & Technology Agreement between the EU and Brazil held in November 2009 in Brasilia.

For more information on how to participate in this call, see:

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