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Brussels, 7th May 2009

Buying a new vehicle in another Member State made easier

As of May 2009 EU citizens will find it easier to buy a new vehicle in any EU Member State. Previously many EU citizens have been discouraged from buying a vehicle beyond their own borders due to administrative burdens. With the help of a Certificate of Conformity formalities will now be much easier. This certificate has been introduced via a new Regulation, which was adopted by the European Commission today, supplementing Directive 2007/46/EC. It will apply to all new vehicles which have been granted EC type-approval from 29 April 2009. The possession of the Certificate of Conformity will be obligatory for the registration of any new vehicle in any Member State.

European Commission Vice-President Günter Verheugen, responsible for Enterprise and Industry, said: "As of today, citizens have less paper work and fewer procedures to follow if they buy a new vehicle in another EU Member State."

The Certificate of Conformity is an administrative document delivered by the manufacturer to the purchaser. It proves that a vehicle complies with all the technical provisions in force in the European Union and that it can therefore be freely put into circulation in any Member State. It has already been established in 1993 - but until now it was only issued when national law required it, or, on request, to the purchaser of a vehicle when they wanted to export it in order to facilitate the registration process. However, from May 2009 any manufacturer holding a Community type-approval will be obliged to issue the Certificate of Conformity, thus enabling purchasers to register a vehicle in any EU Member State. For example, it will be possible for a French citizen to buy a new caravan in Germany and to register it in France simply by submitting the European Certificate of Conformity to the registration authority. The Certificate of Conformity includes also environmental performance data, which are increasingly necessary for vehicle taxation schemes.

Special attention has also been paid to reducing the burden for manufacturers with regard to storing data.

More information and the legal document Community whole vehicle type-approval.

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