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Brussels, 7 October 2009

Trans-European Transport Network Coordinators present their annual report and a common Position Paper

The coordinators of the Trans-European Transport Network have presented Vice-President Antonio Tajani with their fourth and final report for their first mandate giving a detailed state of play of the priority projects for which they are responsible.

Mr Tajani, who is responsible for transport, said: "I am grateful to the European coordinators. As in previous years their reports provide the European Commission and the other EU institutions with a detailed analysis of nine major European projects. I am not only satisfied with the progress that has been made but am also pleased that at the end of this first mandate the policy experiment, of using the skills and talents of experienced European political figures to act as negotiators, interlocutors and ambassadors on key TEN-T projects has proved successful. We now look forward to the work to be achieved over the next four years particularly in the light of the Trans-European Transport networks policy review." The Vice-President concluded: "It is however with sadness that I recall the death of Karel Van Miert in June this year. His loss, not only as a Coordinator but as a continuing source of inspiration to those working on transport in Europe, is keenly felt."

The annual reports of 2009 sum up not only the work carried out over the year 2008-9 but also the whole period of the first four year mandate (2005-9). As in previous years the reports reflect the coordinators’ own perspectives and analyses and contain a series of proposals and recommendations to enable all stakeholders in the projects to take an active role as the projects move forward towards realisation.

Moreover, as a common reflection at the end of their first mandate, the Coordinators have produced a Position Paper that they handed over to the Vice-President. Taking account of the TEN-T review process that the European Commission launched at the start of their second term, the Coordinators wish to contribute to the debate by delivering an assessment as well as recommendations based upon their experience.

Mr Tajani congratulated the European coordinators and underlined the usefulness of their work: "I note the great success the European coordinators have achieved for these complicated international cross-border projects. Once again progress has been made on the projects thanks to their close personal involvement. This has been particularly important during the extremely difficult circumstances faced by the Member States over the last year in the face of the world economic and financial crisis. In particular, I welcome the Position Paper that the Coordinators have handed over to me and which will be important in the framework of the ongoing discussions on the future strategy for TEN-T."

The TEN -T policy review currently underway will identify upcoming challenges for the TEN-T programme and enable added weight to be given to the coordinators’ activities. There will be an important meeting on this subject during this year's TEN-T days in Naples from 21 -22 October which will be devoted to an in-depth discussion between stakeholders on the direction and objectives of future European transport policy. This conference will be a follow-up to the publication in February 2009 of a Green Paper on the future of the policy. It will set out policy options for the coming decade, taking particular account of targets in the fight against climate change and technological advances in the fields of transport and energy. It is also aimed at enhancing the TEN-T’s contribution to achieving the objectives of an enlarged Union at a time of particularly difficult economic circumstances.

The coordinators’ activity reports and their common Position Paper are available on the following link:

Mr Karel Van Miert: Berlin - Palermo rail link

Mr Etienne Davignon: South-West Europe high-speed rail link

Mr Laurens Jan Brinkhorst: Lyon - Ukrainian Border rail link

Mr Péter Balázs: Paris - Bratislava rail link

Ms Karla Peijs: Rhine/Maas – Main - Danube inland waterway axis; Seine - Schelde Canal

Mr Luis Valente de Oliveira: Motorways of the Sea

Mr Pavel Telička: 'Rail Baltica'

Mr Karel Vinck: ERTMS

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