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Brussels, 29 June 2009

No disturbances expected for electricity supply this Summer under usual weather conditions

There is no reason to expect electricity disturbances this Summer under usual weather conditions. This is the main conclusion of the Electricity Supply Outlook Report presented today by the newly founded European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E). Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs welcomed this coordinated approach of European electricity transmission network operators aiming to ensure uninterrupted services to citizens and industry in general and also for this Summer. "Rising demand for electricity and energy in general requires good coordination between European electricity companies and networks. Only in this way we can ensure uninterrupted service to citizens and industry and to make rational use of resources available", said Commissioner Piebalgs.

As requested by Commissioner Piebalgs, ENTSO-E presented today its seasonal Summer outlook report to the Electricity Cross-Border Committee of the European Commission, which is formed by Member States representatives and meets twice each year to share information and raise awareness on potential supply problems.

The seasonal Summer outlook report is prepared at European level, and presents the summary of the national or regional power balances between forecast generation and peak demand on a weekly basis for the season. ENTSO-E presented its analysis of the situation as well as the preparatory and coordination measures taken by its members in order to avoid or mitigate the impact of any potential disturbances in electricity supply this Summer, for example, because of severe weather conditions. The report concludes that in normal weather conditions no problem is to be expected.

This report has been drafted by ENTSO-E, the new association of electricity transmission system operators which replaces all six previous associations of transmission system operators (TSOs). The creation of ENTSO-E is a proactive step of the network operators to contribute to reliable and efficient pan-European and regional markets, ahead of the schedule of the European Union Third Legislative Package of the Internal Electricity Market, which established the creation of such a European TSOs Group until 2011. The Summer 2009 electricity adequacy report is the first public document produced by ENTSO-E.

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