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Brussels, 21 February 2008

Classical Swine Fever in Croatia: EU emergency veterinary team sent to assist containing the outbreak

Following a recent outbreak of classical swine fever (CSF) in Croatia, the European Commission sent today an emergency veterinary team on-the spot to support the local authorities to rapidly respond and to help contain the disease.

Decision 2007/142/EC adopted on 27 February 2007 facilitates the fast creation of emergency veterinary teams to assist third countries and Member states in case of animal disease outbreaks. Such emergency teams are intended to provide scientific, technical and managerial on-the-spot assistance as regards the surveillance, monitoring, control and eradication of the diseases, in close cooperation and collaboration with the competent authorities of the Member State or third country concerned by serious disease outbreaks. In case of animal diseases that are highly contagious and spread rapidly, a very quick reaction is indeed essential and efficient expert support is crucial in bringing the situation under control.

The recent CSF outbreak in Croatia occurred a few days ago in the municipality of Crecan in the North of Croatia, close to the Eastern part of Slovenia, in an area where outbreaks have been reported in the last quarter of 2007.

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