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Brussels, 27 November 2008

Professional qualifications: the Commission takes action against four Member States to guarantee the application of EU law

The European Commission has decided to bring a legal action before the Court of Justice of the European Communities against four Member States, namely Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and the Netherlands, for failure to notify measures for the transposition of Directive 2005/36/EC on the recognition of professional qualifications.

This Directive is the result of the reform of the system of recognition of professional qualifications undertaken by the Commission in order to promote flexibility on the labour markets, further liberalise the provision of services, make the recognition of qualifications more automatic and simplify administrative procedures.

The Directive consolidates in a single piece of legislation fifteen directives, including twelve sectoral directives covering the professions of doctor, nurse responsible for general care, dental practitioner, veterinary surgeon, midwife, pharmacist and architect, and three directives which introduced a general system of recognition of professional qualifications and covered most other regulated professions. The Directive simplifies the structure of the system of recognition of qualifications and improves the way it operates. It thus aims to facilitate mobility within the internal market for qualified people moving to another Member State either to provide a service or to settle there permanently.

The latest information on infringement proceedings concerning all Member States can be found at:

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