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Brussels, 6 November 2008

7th EU-China Energy Conference: Strengthening Energy Cooperation

An EU-China conference on energy sources is taking place today in Brussels. The conference was opened by Matthias Ruete, Director general for Energy and Transport at the European Commission and Jianlin Cao Chinese Vice Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). The conference is aimed at enhancing cooperation by bringing together high-level European and Chinese representatives from industry and administration.

"This biannual conference is a tangible sign of the increasing practical cooperation in the energy sector between China and the EU" said Matthias Ruete. The conference concentrates on energy technologies providing solutions to the numerous challenges that China and the European Union are facing today in the global energy market. Issues such as energy efficiency, renewable energies, hydrogen energy and fuel cells, gas hydrates, carbon capture and storage and nuclear energy are addressed this year.

China's role in the world’s energy markets is growing due to its rapidly increasing demand for energy. Since the last conference in Shanghai in 2006, several initiatives are under negotiation to strengthen EU-China Energy cooperation (among others the EU-China Clean Energy Centre and the Euro-Chinese Institute for Clean and Renewable Energy).

Co-organized by the Chinese MOST and the Directorate General Transport & Energy (TREN), this event is held every two years. It alternatively takes place in China and in the EU.

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