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Brussels, 26 September 2008

The European Commission promotes public-private cooperation against cybercrime in Europe

The European Commission organised an EU expert meeting on the fight against cybercrime in Brussels on 25-26 September 2008.

This meeting represented another step in the implementation of the Commission Communication of 22 May 2007 "Towards a general policy on the fight against cyber crime". The aim was to engage key law enforcement and private sector to identify concrete actions which can be undertaken at EU and national levels. By addressing public private cooperation, the European Commission and the Member States demonstrate their readiness to respond with an adequate policy to threats posed by the increasing sophistication and impact of cyber criminality.

The meeting covered three themes. The first focused on promoting Member State and the private sector good practice in combating cyber crime. The second examined the extent to which Member State anti-cybercrime practices can inform the development of common principles of public-private cooperation. The last session examined cooperation with third countries referring to Ukraine as a case study for further analysis.

The highlight of the conference was a presentation by the Commission of a series of recommendations guiding public-private cooperation against cybercrime.

Vice-President Jacques Barrot, welcoming the Recommendations, pointed out that "law enforcement and private sector cooperation is paramount in order to address increasingly pervasive and disruptive forms of cybercrime. The responsibility for fighting cybercrime is a shared responsibility, with efforts needed at both national and EU level to ensure an effective public-private response. Today's Recommendations represent an important step forward in the establishment of the cooperative links upon which such success is built."

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