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Brussels, 25 September 2008

Meet researchers all over Europe on 26 September 2008 during the 4th European Researchers' Night

On 26 September 2008, all EU citizens are invited to meet researchers in over 200 European cities during a European festive event celebrating science, the "Researchers' night". There will be events in 27 countries, from Nice to Goteborg, from Bucharest to Krakow, 200 European cities are actively participating. These special events will give the general public, whether young or old, already interested in science or just wanting to find out more, the opportunity to find out about the fun of science in many different ways.

Researchers' night is a unique opportunity for everybody to meet scientists from all kinds of research areas and have open discussions in a relaxed and festive atmosphere. Labs, museums, universities, research centres will have their doors broad open on that night to reveal their hidden treasures and secrets.

A photo competition will be organised in each country with the theme "Portrait of (a) researcher(s)". Winners will be selected at national level and take part in the European contest organised by the European Commission later on during the autumn.

Here are some examples of what is waiting for you:

  • Can you throw a little ball into a beaker? How to make beer? How to sink the Titanic? Go to Plzen (Check Republic) and participate in 'night in the labs' to find the answers to those questions.
  • Interested in a glance into the core of a nuclear reactor? Do you fancy a visit to the botanical garden of the Martonvasar Manor Park? Go to Budapest (Hungary) and take a guided tour.
  • Want to learn more about your blood pressure? A group of researches from “Laboratoire de biologie neurovasculaire intégrée” and “Centre national d’études spatiales” will measure it using obsolete, current and future instruments in Angers (France).
  • To look at Planet Earth “seen from every angle" go to the Planetarium, but if you are interested in watching "our earth through advertisements" enjoy a theatrical performance at Free Brussels University. Both events in Brussels (Belgium).

To find out about events close to you, go to the website: click and browse by country.

Information about planned activities is available and there are links to websites with more detailed information.


This initiative, first launched by the European Commission four years ago, has been highly successful throughout Europe. In 2007, 28 European countries, 150 European towns and cities, nearly 1000 different organisations and 223 000 visitors took part in Researchers' Night.

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