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Brussels, 27 April 2007

Erasmus celebrates 20 years breaking records of participation

The European Commission's flagship action in the field of education, the university exchange programme Erasmus, continued to expand in the academic year 2005/06. The overall number of students taking part on Erasmus exchanges rose by over 7% the previous year, while the number of university teachers exchanged grew by over 12%. The biggest impact of the scheme has been felt in the Central and Eastern European countries. Student exchanges rose on average by about 20% in the Member States which joined the EU 3 years ago, while growth in teacher remained high with 20%.

European Commissioner in charge of Education, Training & Culture, Ján Figel', said : " The data published today is another illustration that "Erasmus @ 20" is indeed worth celebrating and that the ever-growing success of the programme is an encouragement to do more in favour of mobility and student exchanges".

In the academic year 2005/2006 154,553 Erasmus students benefited from a university exchange, an increase of 7.3% the previous year. Over the same period 23,462 university teaching staff also participated in Erasmus exchanges, an increase of 12.4%.

Most of the 31 participating countries experienced a growth of incoming mobility, whereas the figures for outgoing mobility were more varied. Spain remained the most popular destination for students, welcoming 26,629 over the year, with France in second place (21,424), followed by Germany (17,886) and the United Kingdom (16,365).

The most distinctive increases in student and teacher mobility were again observed in the Member States that joined the EU in 2004. Student exchanges in those countries continued to rise on average by 19.9% during 2005/06, while teacher mobility increased by an average of 20.3%.

The academic year 2005-2006 was also the second year in which Turkish universities successfully participated in the Erasmus programme: 2852 Turkish students benefited from outgoing mobility, an increase of about 150%, and 828 students had the opportunity to study in Turkey. 581 teachers left Turkey for Europe, an increase of over 70%.

Erasmus gives university students the opportunity to study for a period of 3-12 months at a university or higher education establishment in another participating country. Erasmus also provides support to teachers giving generally short courses, as part of the official curriculum of a partner university in another European country.

For further information please see:

Annex 1 : Results in details, country by country

Annex 2 : "Erasmus @ 20" celebrations in the 31 participating countries

Annex 1 : Results in details, country by country

[ Figures and graphics available in PDF and WORD PROCESSED ]

Annex 2 : "Erasmus @ 20" celebrations in the 31 participating countries

Belgium - BE(DE) (German community)
Erasmus Day included in 21 March conference on the launch of the new programmes
Belgium - BE(FR)
(French community)
Erasmus Day 23 April
Belgium - BE(NL)
(Flemish community)
No Decision Taken Yet
Bulgaria - BG
Erasmus Day on May
Czech Republic - CZ
Erasmus Days 2nd half of April (16-30)
Denmark - DK
Erasmus Day 9 May
Germany - DE
Two-day annual Erasmus Conference '20 years of Erasmus' in Bonn, 20-21 June
Estonia - EE
Erasmus Day 24 April
Ireland - IE
Conference on 24 April, address by the President of the Irish Republic, Mrs. Mary McAleese
Greece - EL
Erasmus Day end of October
Spain - ES
Erasmus Day at University of Oviedo, November
France - FR
Erasmus Day 21 March
Italy - IT
Erasmus Day 9 May in Bologna – PM Romano Prodi will attend
Cyprus - CY
Erasmus Day end of October
Latvia - LV
Erasmus Day 12 October
Lithuania - LT
Erasmus Week 21-25 May, along with a specialist conference in Vilnius
Luxembourg – LU
No Decision Taken Yet
Hungary – HU
Erasmus Day 20 September
Malta - MT
No Decision Taken Yet
Netherlands - NL
Erasmus Day on September
Austria – AT
Erasmus Day 9 May
Poland - PL
  • Erasmus Day, around the 20th of April
  • Erasmus Student Conference – 29 June in Warsaw
Portugal - PT
  • Conference 4, 5 October in Lisbon – Commissioner Ján Figel’ will attend
  • Erasmus Day 27 October (HEI organise their Erasmus Days between March and November 2007)
  • Invitation will be launched to all Erasmus students to share their experience (the best 10 experiences will be written in a book)
  • Students will be invited to speak in public about their experiences and a winner will be announced who will receive a travel + hotel for 2 persons to the city where he / she realized Erasmus
Romania – RO
Erasmus Week 15-21 May (10 years Erasmus Anniversary in Romania)
Slovenia - SI
Erasmus Day 14 April, in cooperation with German Embassy
Slovakia – SK
All HEIs will have one day celebrations under the theme: 'Information day on the Erasmus Programme', 19-23 March
Finland - FI
Erasmus Day combined with the launch of the new LLP – beginning of September
Sweden - SE
  • National Conference for International Cooperation – 22 and 23 May at the National Conference for International Cooperation (“Program Days for Higher Education”)
  • Erasmus Conference in November (date to be decided in the near future)
United Kingdom - UK
Date for the Erasmus Day to be decided in the near future
( probably in June)
Liechtenstein - LI
Erasmus Day combined with the launch of the new LLP – June or July
Norway - NO
Erasmus Day end of October
Iceland - IS
Seminars with former Erasmus students (mid. Oct – mid. Dec)
Turkey - TR
Erasmus Days 16-18 May, Ankara

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