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Brussels, 16 November 2007

The European Commission begins a major reflection on operational cross-border cooperation against cyber crime in Europe

The European Commission organised an EU expert meeting on the fight against cyber crime in Brussels on 15-16 November 2007.

This meeting represented a next step in implementing the general policy outlined in the Commission Communication of 22 May 2007 "Towards a general policy on the fight against cyber crime". The primary objective was to engage key law enforcement and private sector representatives in discussions to identify concrete actions which can be undertaken at EU level.

The meeting consisted of three sessions. The first session focused on promoting Member States' best practices in combating cyber crime, and identifying what actions are required to improve cross-border law enforcement cooperation. Both the second and third sessions, also attended by private sector and international stakeholders, examined in detail the extent to which common principles of public-private cooperation and private sector coordination are essential to tackling issues as different as on-line sexual abuse of children and attacks against information systems.

The meeting conclusions focused exclusively on how to translate policy into actions on the ground, and how to take advantage of the growing political and public awareness of threats posed by the increasing sophistication and seriousness of cyber criminality.

Vice-President Franco Frattini, welcoming these conclusions pointed to "the increasing prevalence of cyber crime across Europe, spanning large scale attacks in Estonia, identity theft in Spain, illegal content and high-profile online child abuse incidents in Austria, Germany, Italy and the UK, highlight the need for concerted and coordinated action. Indeed successful operations such as "Operation Koala" and the global hunt for the "Vico" paedophile depends on regional and international cooperation. The conclusions of today's meeting represent an important step by the EU to establish the cooperative links upon which such success is built."
To find out more about Vice President Frattini's work please visit his website:

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