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Brussels, 23 October 2007

Making globalisation an opportunity; The Commission work programme for 2008.

The European Commission has today adopted its work programme for 2008. It shows the Commission focusing on delivering core policies for the globalisation agenda: detailing key strategic priorities which the Commission undertakes to adopt in 2008, and setting out other areas where the Commission will concentrate attention next year.

President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, said: “This document is our political programme for 2008. It sets out our strategic initiatives and builds on our commitment to provide value added to Europe’s citizens.In parallel to the ratification of the Reform Treaty, the Commission will be delivering results for citizens to confirm that Europe matters more than ever in the age of globalisation: we will be active on growth and jobs; sustainable Europe; managing migration; putting the citizen first and Europe as a world partner. ”

Margot Wallström, Vice-President for institutional relations and communication strategy, added, "The programme combines initiatives that enhance European competitiveness with those that address the interests of consumers and citizens, and reflects the concerns of all to achieve a sustainable development. It also includes communication priorities, another step in strengthening the Commission's efforts to better communicate Europe

The Work Programme for 2008 constitutes a comprehensive approach to realise the ambition of a Europe addressing citizens' expectations for the future. It addresses many of the most pressing issues of today – growth and jobs, climate change, energy, migration, enlargement. The Work Programme was developed following detailed discussions with the other institutions, and picks up many of the themes recently discussed in the globalisation debate at the informal European Council in Lisbon.

As well as new initiatives, the Work Programme sets out how existing initiatives will be taken forward and where the Commission's responsibilities for implementing and overseeing agreed policies will be brought to bear. To better reflect the current multi-annual nature of most of the activities of the Commission, the Programme devotes a new section to areas where work in 2008 will involve impact assessments and consultations which may lead to specific initiatives in the future.

The proposals to be presented illustrate many of the key features promoted by the Commission: they cover many cross-cutting themes, call for partnership with the Member States and other key actors, and look to tackle some of the longer-term issues facing Europe in the decades to come. They include a particular stress on better regulation, including a detailed list of simplification measures for the year ahead. The Programme also sets out the consequences in terms of communication, and includes areas foreseen as inter-institutional priorities for communication in 2008.
The work programme for 2008 can be found on:

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