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Brussels, 30 October 2006

President Barroso presents the Commissioner designate for Romania

The President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, today presented the member designate of the European Commission proposed by the Romanian Government, in agreement with him. The nominee is Mr Leonard Orban, currently Secretary of State coordinating Romania’s preparation for accession to the European Union. Mr Orban will be responsible for multilingualism.

« It is with great pleasure that I announce » said President Barroso, « the Romanian Commissioner designate. With the enlargement of the European Union to 27 members next January, the Commission will also enlarge. I am sure that Mr Orban, on the basis of his personnel, political and professional experience, qualities and commitment will successfully carry out the responsibilities which I wish to assign to him. »

As is the case with Ms Kuneva, the Bulgarian Commissioner designate already nominated, Mr Orban will attend hearings at the end of November in the European Parliament, which will give its opinion on the nomination in the following weeks. The hearings before the Parliament will take place according to the procedure adopted in 2004 during the formation of the Barroso Commission.

The curriculum vitae of Mr Orban can be found in annex.

See also MEMO/06/401 which sets out the nomination procedure.

Leonard ORBAN

Date and place of birth: 28 June 1961 at Brasov, Romania

Marital status: Married; one child


1987 – 1992: Graduated in economics at the Faculty of Management, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest

1981 – 1986: Graduated in engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Brasov

Trainings and seminars on European Union affairs

Main activities:

As of December 2004: Secretary of State within the Ministry of European Integration coordinating Romania’s preparation for accession to the European Union;

  • Starting with April 2005, coordinating Romania’s positions on European Union Affairs;
  • Starting with June 2006, head of Romania’s delegation for negotiating the accession to the European Economic Area.

December 2004 - April 2005: Chief Negotiator with the European Union;

  • Main responsibilities:
  • Coordinating Romania’s preparation for accession to the European Union;
  • Coordinating the drafting of Romania’s Accession Treaty to the European Union.

May 2001 - December 2004: Deputy Chief Negotiator with the European Union;

  • Main responsibility:
  • Coordinating at technical level Romania’s accession negotiations for all chapters of acquis.

1993 – 2001: Parliamentary counsellor on European and international affairs within the Romanian Parliament, Chamber of Deputies;

  • Main responsibilities:
  • Ensuring the technical expertise on European Union Affairs for the European Integration Committee of the Romanian Parliament;
  • Starting with 1995, since the entering into force of Romania’s Association Agreement with the European Union, technical secretary at the Joint Parliamentary Committee European Union - Romania;
  • Responsible for the relations with the European Parliament;
  • Starting with 1995, responsible for the relations with Conférence des organes spécialisés dans les affaires communautaires (COSAC);
  • Until 1997, responsible for the relations with the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation.

1986 – 1993: Engineer - Institute of Research for Machine Manufacturing Technology Bucharest, Enterprise for Special Industrial Constructions Bucharest, Tractor Manufacturing Company Miercurea Ciuc.


  • Coordinator of the elaboration of Romanian Post Accession Strategy for 2007-2013;
  • Member of several governmental committees related to Romania’s EU accession (European Integration Executive Committee; State Aid Committee, Committee for the Management of the EU Funds, Romanian Steel Sector Restructuring);
  • Responsible for the internal communication on Romania’s accession to the European Union;
  • Member of the Romanian Social and Economic Council;
  • Articles and analyses published in Romanian and foreign newspapers and magazines on European integration and European affairs since 2001;
  • Guest speaker and key speaker at numerous international conferences, seminars and debates (Berlin, Brussels, London, Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava) on enlargement, accession negotiations and political economy;
  • Language skills: Romanian (mother tongue), English (primary working language), French, Italian (passive);
  • Special interests: Foreign policy, Classical music, Reading and Cinema;
  • Awards: Knight of “Steaua Romaniei” National Order (Star of Romania) awarded in 2002 for the contribution to Romania’s Euro-Atlantic integration;
  • Signer as Chief Negotiator with the European Union of the Accession Treaty of Romania to the European Union, 25th of April 2005,

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