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Brussels, 20 July 2005

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Commission sets out 8 key EU measures to create more growth and jobs

The European Commission has tabled a comprehensive plan of EU measures to boost growth and create more and better jobs by promoting knowledge and innovation and making Europe an attractive place to invest and work. In today’s “Community Lisbon Programme” the Commission announced that it will push to further open markets, cut red tape and invest in modern infrastructure so that our enterprises can grow, innovate and create new jobs. The Commission will take the necessary steps to support the development of a skilled and entrepreneurial workforce so that all Europeans can enjoy the benefits of a society with high employment, a high level of social protection and a healthy environment. The Commission will also step up the efforts to support education and lifelong learning to help more people achieve their full personal and professional potential and encourage entrepreneurship. The policies presented in today’s Community Lisbon Programme cover areas where purely national action is insufficient. This programme complements the efforts of Member States in the framework of the new “Partnership for Growth and Jobs”, who will present their national reform programmes in October 2005. It is only by the combined forces of the Commission, the European Parliament and the Member States that Europe can reach the ambitious goals set in the renewed Lisbon agenda. For more information, see MEMO/05/123.

Commission President José Manuel Barroso said: “Faced with intensifying global competition, Europe must be able to reform its economic and social model in a way which makes it sustainable and compatible with our commitment to solidarity and cohesion. We must invest in skills and education, lead in research and innovation and equip people for change. At the same time we must create an environment in Europe where we can modernise, innovate and move up the value chain. Our goal is to combine economic dynamism with sustainable growth, building a society with more opportunity for all.”

Vice President Günter Verheugen added: “With this action plan, the Commission is moving from words to deeds. It is up to Member States to deliver at their end by coming up with credible and ambitious national reform programmes.”

With the Community Lisbon Programme the EU will contribute to the overall economic and employment policy agenda by completing the internal market and by implementing common policies and activities that support and complement national policies.

The Commission wants to

  • boost knowledge and innovation,
  • make Europe a more attractive place to invest and work
  • create more and better jobs.

To achieve this Commission will in particular concentrate on the following eight key measures with a high European value-added:

1. supporting knowledge and innovation in Europe,

2. reform of state aid policy,

3. improvement and simplification of the regulatory framework in which business operates,

4. completion of the internal market for services,

5. completion of an ambitious agreement in the Doha round,

6. removal of obstacles to physical, labour and academic mobility,

7. developing common approach to economic migration,

8. supporting efforts to deal with the social consequences of economic restructuring.

The full list of measures in the Community Lisbon Programme is annexed, setting out initiatives in the regulatory domain, financial instruments and proposals for policy development.

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The Commission recalls that the foreseen initiatives, particularly in the regulatory domain, will fully comply with its better regulation policy aimed at improving regulation through impact assessments, simplification of existing EU legislation, screening of pending legislative proposals and consideration of alternatives to legislation.

Key Actions are presented in bold and indicated with a “*” sign.
Measures which the Commission has already adopted or completed are indicated with a “+” sign.
I. Regulatory Actions
[Graphic in PDF & Word format][Graphic in PDF & Word format]
[Graphic in PDF & Word format][Graphic in PDF & Word format]
II. Financing actions
[Graphic in PDF & Word format]
[Graphic in PDF & Word format]
[Graphic in PDF & Word format]
III. Policy Development
[Graphic in PDF & Word format]
[Graphic in PDF & Word format]
[Graphic in PDF & Word format]
[Graphic in PDF & Word format]
[Graphic in PDF & Word format]
[Graphic in PDF & Word format]

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