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Brussels, 21 April 2005

Joe Borg welcomes the contribution of Polish stakeholders to dialogue on sustainable fisheries in the Baltic

At a meeting with representatives of a number of Polish Ministries and Members of Parliament this morning in Warsaw, Joe Borg, Commissioner for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs, welcomed the contribution of Polish stakeholders in the dialogue on fisheries measures for achieving sustainable fisheries in the Baltic. Commissioner Borg said that, even before becoming a Member last May, Poland had already been working with the Union on fisheries management within the International Baltic Sea Fisheries Commission (IBSFC). That co-operation had intensified since Accession and Polish stakeholders had made a valuable contribution to the extensive consultation process that preceded the tabling of the Commission proposal last March on conservation measures for Baltic fish stocks. Commissioner Borg arrived in Warsaw for a two-day visit to Poland this morning. He was welcomed by Mr Pilarczyk, Secretary of Sate for Agriculture and Rural Development who will accompany him throughout the visit. Dr Borg had a meeting with Mr Wojciech Olejniczak, Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development before meeting with the Representatives of the Ministries and Parliament. Commissioner Borg will travel to Gdansk later on today and spend the day in Gdynia later on where a meeting with stakeholders will be held in the afternoon. Commissioner Borg will also be visiting port facilities, fishing vessels and processing plants.

“The constructive co-operation of all stakeholders in preparing the proposal on conservation measures for the Baltic is a clear example of the value of dialogue. I look forward to the development and strengthening of this dialogue through the establishment of the Regional Advisory Council for the Baltic. This new body will enable stakeholders to work together and to develop trust with scientists so as to identify and support the measures that will deliver sustainable fisheries for the benefit of the Baltic fishing industry.” Commissioner Borg said.

The topics that will be discussed during the visit include the establishment of long-term measures for the conservation of Baltic cod which is being overfished, improving compliance with conservation measures through better control and monitoring of fisheries measures, processing of fisheries products, the financial aid available to the fisheries sector under the current and next Fisheries Funds (2007-2013) and a future Maritime Policy for the Union. Discussions could also relate to the allocation key for sharing fishing possibilities for cod and herring in the Baltic among Member States and the forthcoming Commission proposal on conservation measures for eels.

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