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Brussels, 23 June 2004

Commission supports development of renewable energy and energy efficiency through Internet

With its new Internet broadcast portal developed under the ManagEnergy initiative, the Commission is going a step further in enabling awareness-raising and exchanges of good practice between energy actors and citizens across Europe. A recent communication on “The share of renewable energy in the EU” highlighted that targets set for 2010 in this sector will not be reached if Member States do not raise their efforts. The Commission is therefore giving direct support to local initiatives. The portal will allow the dissemination, on an unprecedented scale, of innovative technologies and management solutions found at local level.

This week, the European Commission is launching its first streaming portal on renewable energies and on energy efficiency, with interactive live Internet broadcasts and video on demand. The portal will allow more efficient and transparent direct multilingual communication. Such streaming services provide particular advantages in the areas of renewable energies and energy demand where action needs to be taken at local level.

In its recent communication on “The share of renewable energy in the EU”, the Commission emphasised the meagre results so far in this area and called on Member States to ensure the fulfilment of the 2010 targets by the implementation of appropriate measures. The Commission proposed additional concrete actions at national and Community level, including measures to support local initiatives.

This new streaming portal is a good example of implementing the Commission’s White Paper on European Governance and e-Europe. It will offer the possibility of significant savings in energy and to the environment with corresponding productivity improvements. It is certainly more efficient and environment-friendly to bring European messages directly to local actors through the Internet rather than to gather thousands of local energy actors at a given date in a given location, especially in the enlarged Union.
ManagEnergy Internet broadcasts are a joint development of the Directorates General for Energy and Transport and for Interpretation, and can be accessed through

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