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Bruxelles, le 22 September 2004

The Commission approves a report on the European governance (2003-2004)

At the beginning of its mandate, the Commission had identified the improvement of the European governance as a priority. After a wide-ranging debate open to all the institutions, the Member States and the citizens of the Union, the 2001 White Paper on the European governance presented the Commission’s answers to a number of questions from public authorities and citizens about the Union’s capacity and strategy to enhance the effectiveness of its policies and to bring institutions closer to the citizens.

The report examined by the Commission during its meeting of 22 September 2004 presents a positive assessment of the implementation, in 2003 and 2004, of the actions that the Commission had committed to launch during its mandate.

These actions concern the following areas: “better regulation”, participation of the civil society; impact assessment, acquisition and use of scientific expertise; update and simplification of the Community acquis; regulatory agencies; improvement of the implementation of Community law and its monitoring; regional and local dimension of the Union (permanent dialogue between the Commission and local and regional authorities’ associations; target-based tripartite agreements and contracts); refocusing European policies and institutions (including in the framework of the Constitution for Europe); European public sphere.

The report notes that practically all the actions announced by the Commission in 2001 were carried out or are currently underway.

The Commission also notes that the continuity of certain ideas and guidelines recommended by the White Paper, such as participative democracy, the dialogue with the regions and the cities, or administrative cooperation between Member States, have been taken into account in the constitutional Treaty.

The report will be forwarded to the different institutions and bodies of the Union.
It will be available at the following address:

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