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Brussels, 27 March 2003

A new source of information for Emerging Technologies

The European Commission has launched a service "IST Results" - to provide on-going information on results of the EU's 3.6 billion euro research program for the IT and telecommunications sector the IST Programme. The aim is to provide information on the most interesting results of the IST programme and work in progress with potential for exploitation. This free service is intended to raise the visibility of new technologies and prototypes of products and services emerging from this multi-annual EU research effort. A dedicated virtual press desk will offer media the opportunity to keep abreast of the latest developments.

IST Results is an online news service reporting on emerging information and communications technologies and highlighting their potential impact in a wide range of market sectors. Latest news, in-depth feature articles and a bi-weekly e-bulletin are just some of the services available at a dedicated website

Companies and R&D teams looking to develop and deliver innovative "e-" products and services, investors, technology transfer experts and support organisations working with business to increase their competitiveness will all benefit from the news and views published.

The IST research programme explores the convergence of information processing, communications and media technologies, developing novel solutions in areas such as e-commerce, health informatics, publishing, education, intelligent transport, knowledge management and many more applications geared to improving our daily lives at work and in the home.

IST Results will play a crucial part in reporting on IST innovations as soon as they occur and in making them more easily accessible to a wider range of people involved in technology.

The IST Results service is available at

from where the latest news and feature articles are available. The service also offers the possibility to register for the free bi-weekly e-bulletin.

Further information on the service is also available from


IST Results will be present at MILIA 2003 on 26-28 March and at the 9th European Investment Forum on 14-15 April 2003.

Information on the European Commission's IST activities is available from

and the DG Information Society website

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