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Brussels, 1st December 2003

Citizens and business welcome eGovernment services

A survey just published on the quality and usage of public electronic services shows that almost 80% of users approve of the quality of on-line public services, and more than half are very satisfied with these services. Almost 80% of users indicate that they would recommend the services to other people. The most frequently cited benefits of using on line services are saving time (84%) and gaining flexibility (65%). The most important factors providing user satisfaction are ease of use (for citizens) and the speed of the web site service (for businesses). The study concludes that crucial elements for the success of on line government services are optimising workflows, simplifying processes, and improving the way information is re-used and shared amongst public authorities.

Erkki Liikanen Commissioner for Enterprise and the Information Society, said: “This survey gives a good insight into the actual usage and benefits of eGovernment. It provides a helpful guidance for public administrations wanting to improve the quality and the take up of their own on-line public services”.

The survey was based on 28,114 users from 18 European countries, which, though a small sample, nevertheless provides interesting results. The study was carried out for the European Commission in support of the eEurope2005 action plan. By focusing on the views of users rather than on the supply side, the study follows a new approach to benchmarking eGovernment called for in the Commission's recent Communication (see IP/03/1300) and taken up in the Council Conclusions on “The role of eGovernment for Europe's future”.

The survey was conducted in 2003 and will be repeated again in 2004.

The survey identifies which on-line public services are currently used by citizens/businesses in the participating countries. It analyses the level of quality of on-line public services; shows the extent to which basic public services are being used and whether these services are responding to the needs and expectations of citizens/businesses in Europe. The survey offers a set of recommendations to public e-service providers in the further development of eGovernment.

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