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Brussels, 14 November 2003

One year after the Prestige disaster, the Commission publishes the first list of ships definitively banned from EU ports

The Commission has published the blacklist of ships refused access to EU ports between 22 July and 1 November 2003 in the Official Journal. Publication of this information is required under the new European rules on port State control1. By way of a warning, the Commission is also publishing on its Europa Internet server the indicative list of ships which may be banned if they are detained in an EU port again. "The Prestige and the Erika would not be sailing in European waters today: no oil tanker of their type or age can now enter our ports, and single-hull oil tankers can no longer be used to transport heavy oil. Inspection of ships in EU ports is another essential measure: we must root out rust-bucket ships. And I hope that publication of this list of ships now banned from EU ports, and the list of ships which will be banned in the near future if they are inspected again and the findings are unfavourable, will prompt shipowners and flag States to take the necessary safety measures in respect of all the ships concerned", said Loyola de Palacio, Commission Vice-President responsible for transport and energy. "This measure is part of the arsenal of legislation adopted in the wake of the Erika and Prestige disasters to combat oil spills and make our seas safer. This legislation represents some spectacular advances, but we must keep up the pressure so that maritime safety continues to improve globally and ensure that the rules are applied rigorously by all States."

Since 22 July 2003, when the amendments to the port State control directive adopted as part of the Erika-II package entered into force, ten ships have been banned from EU ports. Between them, they fly the flags of seven different States: Cambodia (4), Cyprus (1), Honduras (1), Lebanon (1), Panama (1), St Vincent and the Grenadines (1) and Turkey (1). Most of the ships listed are bulk carriers (seven out of the ten), but there are also two chemical tankers and one oil tanker. It is the first time that the Commission has published this list in the Official Journal.

With a view to ensuring transparency, and to deter those who already fall short of the relevant safety standards, European port State control rules have, since the most recent amendments to them, which were adopted in 2001 and entered into force in July 2003, required the Commission to publish the list of ships which have been refused access to EU ports (Annex I).

This list may be consulted at:

A ban on entering EU ports has been imposed on ships which have been detained several times2 and are included on the black list published as part of the annual report of the Paris Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control3.

In addition, the Commission is firing a warning to the shipowners and flag States concerned by publishing on the Internet the list of ships which will be banned if they are detained one more time on safety grounds (Annex II). This list should be taken as a final warning to the parties concerned of the risk they run if their ships are detained again after being inspected, for it will mean that they are refused access to EU ports in future.

This list may be consulted at:

An overview of all the actions taken may be consulted at:


OJ C272 :

List of ships that were refused access to Community ports between 22 July and 1 November 2003, pursuant to Article 7b of Directive 95/21/EC of 19 June 1995 on the port State control of ships4

Under Article 7b(1) of Directive 95/21/CE on the port State control of ships, ships which have been detained several times shall be refused access to the ports of the Member States.5

Article 7b(3) provides that the Commission shall publish every six months the list of ships that have been refused access to Community ports.

The table below gives the list of ships that were refused access to Community ports between 22 July and 1 November 2003.

Name of ship

IMO number Type of shipAgeFlag
ALEXANDER K 7703584Bulk carrier25Lebanon (Very high risk)
BELIZE CITY7630141Bulk carrier28Cambodia (Very high risk)
CAPETAN GIORGIS I (*)7613105Bulk carrier26Cyprus (Average risk)
MAMRY (*)7365954Chemical tanker29Panama (Average risk)
MISTRAL II (*)5322415Oil tanker46Honduras (Very high risk)
PURSAT 5410860Bulk carrier40Cambodia (Very high risk)
SELIN (EX MAPLE)7427142Chemical tankers28St. Vincent & Grenadines (High risk)
SOHRET (*)7227009Bulk carrier31Turkey (Very high risk)
STAR7392880Bulk carrier27Cambodia (Very high risk)
TRINITY 7614965Bulk carrier26Cambodia (Very high risk)

(*) Ships for which the access refusal order was subsequently lifted in accordance with the procedures described in part B of Annex XI to Directive 95/21/EC.


List of vessels which may be banned from the EU ports if they are detained one more time

(Considered detentions from 22.01.2002 to 1.11.2003)

Name of vessel

IMO NumberType of vesselAgeDetentionsFlag (*)
TEDI5116464Bulkcarrier422Albania (Very high risk)
SETIF II8106020Bulkcarrier212Algeria (Very high risk)
AMIRA9142887Oil Tanker72Algeria (Very high risk)
HOGGAR7046821Ro-Ro Passenger322Algeria (Very high risk)
AIN TEMOUCHENT8110447Bulkcarrier211Algeria (Very high risk)
AIN OUSSERA8220321Bulkcarrier201Algeria (Very high risk)
BLIDA7705635Bulkcarrier251Algeria (Very high risk)
NEDROMA7708182Bulkcarrier251Algeria (Very high risk)
NEMENCHA7708194Bulkcarrier251Algeria (Very high risk)
SERSOU8103822Bulkcarrier211Algeria (Very high risk)
EL DJAZAIR7116080Ro-Ro Passenger321Algeria (Very high risk)
ZERALDA7043570Ro-Ro Passenger321Algeria (Very high risk)
GABRIELLE6500296Ro-Ro Passenger384Bolivia (Very high risk)
ALKYON6510253Ro-Ro Passenger382Bolivia (Very high risk)
EUROPA I5405542Ro-Ro Passenger401Bolivia (Very high risk)
SANDRA7336642Chemical Tanker291Bolivia (Very high risk)
SANTOS C7214363Chemical Tanker311Bolivia (Very high risk)
ALD I6409208Oil Tanker411Bolivia (Very high risk)
TRINITY7614965Bulkcarrier263Cambodia (Very high risk)
BANAM6404442Bulkcarrier402Cambodia (Very high risk)
BELIZE CITY7630141Bulkcarrier272Cambodia (Very high risk)
CORTON7519024Bulkcarrier262Cambodia (Very high risk)
LAILA QUEEN7525865Bulkcarrier262Cambodia (Very high risk)
PURSAT5410860Bulkcarrier402Cambodia (Very high risk)
STAR 7392880Bulkcarrier282Cambodia (Very high risk)
BELMOPAN7361568Bulkcarrier271Cambodia (Very high risk)
FORT GEORGE7630139Bulkcarrier281Cambodia (Very high risk)
HANDY OCEAN7533056Bulkcarrier261Cambodia (Very high risk)
LEGEND 17223132Bulkcarrier311Cambodia (Very high risk)
MED BULKER I7433323Bulkcarrier251Cambodia (Very high risk)
MED GENERAL IV7108681Bulkcarrier311Cambodia (Very high risk)
NICOLO ELISA7341934Bulkcarrier281Cambodia (Very high risk)
RONGA7223144Bulkcarrier311Cambodia (Very high risk)
CEM TRADER7614147Bulkcarrier282Georgia (Very high risk)
ORUBA7403055Oil Tanker282Georgia (Very high risk)
AL KHALED7405481Bulkcarrier281Georgia (Very high risk)
IULIANA T7358092Bulkcarrier291Georgia (Very high risk)
MELTEM G7009988Bulkcarrier331Georgia (Very high risk)
AGIOS DIMITRIOS7409097Bulkcarrier282Honduras (Very high risk)
MISTRAL II5322415Oil Tanker462Honduras (Very high risk)
ARCHON7012480Oil Tanker331Honduras (Very high risk)
BLUE SEA7526534Bulkcarrier261Korian Democratic Rep.(Very high risk)
ALEXANDER K7703584Bulkcarrier252Lebanon (Very high risk)
MARIA K7511204Bulkcarrier271Lebanon (Very high risk)
FRINA7392660Bulkcarrier302Romania (Very high risk)
VALERIA7512090Bulkcarrier272Romania (Very high risk)
HISTRIA TOPAZ8501189Bulkcarrier191Romania (Very high risk)
SABINA7806893Bulkcarrier251Romania (Very high risk)
TALIA S7806908Bulkcarrier251Romania (Very high risk)
TIGRA7734674Bulkcarrier261Romania (Very high risk)
CAPTAIN YAMAK7371367Bulkcarrier291Syrian Arab Republic (Very high risk)
HASAN S7501857Bulkcarrier271Syrian Arab Republic (Very high risk)
MAI-S7501807Bulkcarrier271Syrian Arab Republic (Very high risk)
SAMALI S7501871Bulkcarrier271Syrian Arab Republic (Very high risk)
STARI GRAD6704397Oil Tanker362Tonga (Very high risk)
SLUNJ8943533Oil Tanker431Tonga (Very high risk)
SALIH C7314589Bulkcarrier303Turkey (Very high risk)
BERRAK N7632541Bulkcarrier252Turkey (Very high risk)
GOKHAN KIRAN7433696Bulkcarrier182Turkey (Very high risk)
GULLUK8009557Bulkcarrier232Turkey (Very high risk)
HEREKE 47404633Bulkcarrier272Turkey (Very high risk)
HILAL I7405819Bulkcarrier262Turkey (Very high risk)
ODIN BEY7916727Bulkcarrier242Turkey (Very high risk)
SAPANCA7416777Bulkcarrier282Turkey (Very high risk)
SOHRET7227009Bulkcarrier312Turkey (Very high risk)
GOLDEN S7000243Chemical Tanker332Turkey (Very high risk)
METIN KA7383592Chemical Tanker292Turkey (Very high risk)
ALEMDAR 18836983Oil Tanker132Turkey (Very high risk)
ALFA STAR8312629Bulkcarrier201Turkey (Very high risk)
BARBAROS KIRAN7433684Bulkcarrier211Turkey (Very high risk)
BOLKAR8014382Bulkcarrier221Turkey (Very high risk)
BOLU7389833Bulkcarrier201Turkey (Very high risk)
BURDUR7389845Bulkcarrier211Turkey (Very high risk)
C FILYOS8811792Bulkcarrier131Turkey (Very high risk)
DUDEN8005226Bulkcarrier221Turkey (Very high risk)
ERKAN METE7527461Bulkcarrier271Turkey (Very high risk)
GOKCAN8124802Bulkcarrier191Turkey (Very high risk)
GULSER ANA8418289Bulkcarrier181Turkey (Very high risk)
HACI RESIT KALKAVAN7640316Bulkcarrier251Turkey (Very high risk)
HAKKI DEVAL7433347Bulkcarrier241Turkey (Very high risk)
KAPTAN NEVZAT KACAR8325896Bulkcarrier191Turkey (Very high risk)
KIRAN PACIFIC7713149Bulkcarrier171Turkey (Very high risk)
MANYAS 17533094Bulkcarrier271Turkey (Very high risk)
MUZEYYEN ANA8109034Bulkcarrier181Turkey (Very high risk)
OSMAN METE7380485Bulkcarrier281Turkey (Very high risk)
TAHIR KIRAN7433713Bulkcarrier161Turkey (Very high risk)
SERRA DEVAL7433426Bulkcarrier231Turkey (Very high risk)
SOLI7600079Bulkcarrier261Turkey (Very high risk)
ZEYNEP ANA7531242Bulkcarrier261Turkey (Very high risk)
ESIN S7024354Chemical Tanker331Turkey (Very high risk)
HABAS8208426Gas Carrier191Turkey (Very high risk)
EMRE BENER7401514Oil Tanker271Turkey (Very high risk)
KAPTAN VEYSEL7721847Oil Tanker251Turkey (Very high risk)
VELI ALEMDAR7326166Oil Tanker291Turkey (Very high risk)
ANKARA7615672Ro-Ro Passenger221Turkey (Very high risk)
DERIN DENIZ6905446Ro-Ro Passenger351Turkey (Very high risk)
KAPTAN BURHANETTIN ISIM8818300Ro-Ro Passenger131Turkey (Very high risk)
ARRAZI7925704Chemical Tanker211Morocco (High risk)
AL WAHDA9044073Oil Tanker111Morocco (High risk)
JOHANNA KATHRINA7368293Chemical Tanker292St. Vincent & Grenadines (High risk)
ELENA B7721330Bulkcarrier251St. Vincent & Grenadines (High risk)
CORA7395234Bulkcarrier261St. Vincent & Grenadines (High risk)
FIVOS7625720Bulkcarrier251St. Vincent & Grenadines (High risk)
J SAFE8118803Bulkcarrier211St. Vincent & Grenadines (High risk)
KORO7029421Bulkcarrier331St. Vincent & Grenadines (High risk)
LEPETANE8126367Bulkcarrier191St. Vincent & Grenadines (High risk)
NESTOR C7739985Bulkcarrier241St. Vincent & Grenadines (High risk)
PAKRAC7601633Bulkcarrier251St. Vincent & Grenadines (High risk)
SEA BRIGHT7641073Bulkcarrier261St. Vincent & Grenadines (High risk)
TITAN8117146Bulkcarrier201St. Vincent & Grenadines (High risk)
GIOVANNA7434145Chemical Tanker251St. Vincent & Grenadines (High risk)
RHONE7361685Chemical Tanker291St. Vincent & Grenadines (High risk)
TAVIRA7716115Oil Tanker251St. Vincent & Grenadines (High risk)
FEDRA7350088Ro-Ro Passenger301St. Vincent & Grenadines (High risk)
PALOMA I7625794Ro-Ro Passenger231St. Vincent & Grenadines (High risk)
SUPERFERRY7210305Ro-Ro Passenger311St. Vincent & Grenadines (High risk)
BULGARIA7740831Bulkcarrier252Bulgaria (medium risk)
CAPETAN GIORGIS I7613105Bulkcarrier263Cyprus (Medium risk)
APOLLONIA STAR7531187Bulkcarrier272Cyprus (Medium risk)
BULK DIAMOND8822818Bulkcarrier172Cyprus (Medium risk)
KONSTANTINOS7632448Bulkcarrier262Cyprus (Medium risk)
MIGHTY CONFIDENCE9052721Bulkcarrier82Cyprus (Medium risk)
PRINCESS ILARIA7720714Bulkcarrier252Cyprus (Medium risk)
TAMYRA8008761Oil Tanker202Cyprus (Medium risk)
GINA M7353092Bulkcarrier282Malta (Medium risk)
SEEDER STREAM8113140Bulkcarrier192Malta (Medium risk)
TIARELLA7526170Bulkcarrier262Malta (Medium risk)
KALYMNOS7901590Oil Tanker202Malta (Medium risk)
GRAIN TRADER7636781Bulkcarrier244Panama (Medium risk)
ISMINI7624398Bulkcarrier243Panama (Medium risk)
SELIN7427142Chemical Tanker283Panama (Medium risk)
PERGAMOS7396496Chemical Tanker283Panama (Medium risk)
COSTANZA7624415Bulkcarrier232Panama (Medium risk)
IRENE VE7514244Bulkcarrier252Panama (Medium risk)
OCEAN SURF80006270Bulkcarrier222Panama (Medium risk)
PANDORA P8100870Bulkcarrier202Panama (Medium risk)
RODIN7334046Bulkcarrier292Panama (Medium risk)
TRADCO I7501338Bulkcarrier272Panama (Medium risk)
SARK TRADER8011550Chemical Tanker222Panama (Medium risk)
SADALSUUD7123992Oil Tanker222Panama (Medium risk)
DOLFIJN II5404586Passenger Ship402Panama (Medium risk)
GOLFINHO AZUL6922341Ro-Ro Passenger342Panama (Medium risk)
OLYMPIC PRIDE8009131Oil Tanker212Panama (Medium risk)

(*) Flags included in the Black List published by Paris MOU in Annual Report 2002

    1 Directive 2001/106/EC, which strengthens the requirements laid down in Directive 95/21/EC, entered into force on 22 July 2003.

    2 These ships fall within the scope of Article 7b of the consolidated version of Directive 95/21, according to which "A Member State shall ensure that a ship in one of the categories of Annex XI, section A, is refused access to its ports, except in the situations described in Article 11(6), if the ship:


  • flies the flag of a State appearing in the black list as published in the annual report of the MOU, and

  • has been detained more than twice in the course of the preceding 24 months in a port of a State signatory of the MOU,


  • flies the flag of a State described as 'very high risk' or 'high risk' in the black list as published in the annual report of the MOU, and

  • has been detained more than once in the course of the preceding 36 months in a port of a State signatory of the MOU."

    3 For further information, see . Twenty maritime national administrations are party to the Paris Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control. Between them, they cover the waters of the coastal States of western Europe and the North Atlantic Basin between North America and Europe. The Memorandum aims to eliminate sub-standard ships from these waters through a harmonised system of port State control. Annually, over 18 000 inspections take place on board foreign ships in ports covered by the Paris MOU, ensuring that these ships meet international environmental and safety standards and that crews have adequate living and working conditions.

    4 Last amended by Directive 2001/106/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 December 2001 (OJ L 19, 22.1.2002, p. 17).

5  The first paragraph of Article 7b reads:

     "A Member State shall ensure that a ship in one of the categories of Annex XI, section A, is refused access to its ports, except in the situations described in Article 11(6), if the ship:


  • flies the flag of a State appearing in the black list as published in the annual report of the MOU, and

  • has been detained more than twice in the course of the preceding 24 months in a port of a State signatory of the MOU


  • flies the flag of a State described as 'very high risk' or 'high risk' in the black list as published in the annual report of the MOU, and

  • has been detained more than once in the course of the preceding 36 months in a port of a State signatory of the MOU.

The refusal of access shall become applicable immediately the ship has been authorised to leave the port where it has been the subject of a second or third detention as appropriate."

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