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Brussels, 14 February 2002

Telecoms package will bring better deal for consumers

The Council of Ministers today adopted the Telecoms package. Member States now have 15 months to implement this package into their national laws. The Telecoms package is a major overhaul of the regulatory framework for communications services, aimed at bringing more competition in this crucial sector for the European economy. Welcoming the adoption of the package Information Society Commissioner Erkki Liikanen stated: "This pro-competitive package completes the internal market for the information society, delivering a better deal for consumers in terms of price, quality and value for money. It also provides greater transparency and legal certainty for all players operating in the internal market."

The Telecoms package includes the following elements:

  • a directive on a common regulatory framework for electronic communications networks and services (Framework directive)

  • an authorisation directive

  • an access & interconnection directive

  • a directive on universal service and users' rights relating to electronic communications networks and services

  • a decision on a regulatory framework for radio spectrum policy

The new package is technology-neutral, treating all transmission networks in an equivalent manner, giving the EU a pro-competitive regulatory framework that is well ahead of our major trading partners. It cuts away the unnecessary red tape, which obstructs entry to national markets. And it ensures that market players are regulated only where necessary and in a consistent manner across the EU, inter alia by giving the Commission powers to require national regulatory authorities to withdraw draft decisions in key areas linked to the functioning of the internal market.

There remains more to be done. The proposed E-communications privacy directive needs to be agreed quickly between European Parliament and Council. And the Commission plans shortly to issue a number of measures linked to implementation of the new package:

  • Guidelines on market definition and the assessment of significant market power, to assist national regulators in applying the new regulatory framework;

  • Recommendation on Relevant Product and Service Markets within the electronic communications sector, identifying those market segments where sector-specific regulatory obligations may be appropriate ;

  • Decision establishing a 'European Regulators Group', composed of national regulators and the Commission, with the aim of fostering co-operation to ensure consistency of regulatory decision-making across the EU.

  • Decision establishing a 'Radio Spectrum Policy Group', composed of high level representatives from each Member State and from the Commission, with the aim to assist and advise on the need for the co-ordination of policy approaches and, where appropriate, harmonised conditions with regard to the availability and efficient use of the radio spectrum.

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