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Brussels, 6 February 2002

Online Technology Marketplace promises new business opportunities

The European Commission launched the Technology Marketplace, a new CORDIS(1) service, on 1 February 2002. This multilingual facility, which is part of a wider drive to stimulate innovation and investment in new knowledge, offers the results of European research for market exploitation. It is intended as an attractive and user-friendly tool, providing users and promoters of research results with free access to the latest and most competitive technologies. It also includes an 'offer of the week' in the areas of biology and medicine, energy, the environment, information technology, telecommunications and industrial applications. The Technology Marketplace offers the contact details of technology owners, technology tips, business advice, and reader-friendly digests of new scientific achievements.

Erkki Liikanen, European Commissioner for Enterprise and Information Society, said: "Opening up access to, and increasing investment in, new knowledge will help accelerate economic recovery and progress towards the March 2000 Lisbon European Council goal of making the EU the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world. To achieve this aim, we need to create the best possible environment for small and medium sized companies to innovate, to survive and grow in the new economy. We have devised the CORDIS Technology Marketplace in such a way that even the smallest company can access free information on the business opportunities from the very best scientific research."

The new service is a follow-up to nearly 55 000 research projects sponsored by the EU, under its research and technological development framework programme, and presented on the CORDIS website. To help establish a European Research and Innovation Area, the Technology Marketplace provides for interactive facilities, which allow the owners of the research results (from non-Commission funded research projects) to submit offers. Those projects are carried out in universities and private labs in EU Member States and countries associated to the framework programme. The service should become one of the most comprehensive resources of exploitable technology across Europe.

Non-business organisations, such as environmental, consumer and other interest groups, and even individual citizens, can also benefit from accessing the latest scientific innovations. Many of the technologies presented on the Marketplace have a major societal impact, e.g. on food safety and health care, or provide scientific tools, which could enable technological breakthroughs. The service can therefore be accessed via 'business, science, and society' sections.

To step up the cross-border flow of technologies, the service is supplied in five European languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian, and offers an e-mail alert facility. It can be accessed at:

(1)Cordis is the European Community Research and Development Information Service: HYPERLINK

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