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Brussels, 18 November 2002

Commission launching wide public consultation on animal protection during transport

In the framework of preparing a European Commission proposal revising the current legislation on animal protection during transport, the Directorate-General Health and Consumer Protection is launching a wide consultation of stakeholder organisations and European citizens. A seminar for invited stakeholders will be held on 20 November, followed by an open online consultation starting on 2 December.

Many contributions and thousands of letters from European citizens and interested organisations have reached Commissioner David Byrne on the issue of animal welfare during transport, highlighting the public's interest in participating in the decision-making process. In particular, several technical contributions have already been considered during the ongoing development of the future Commission proposal.

Over the past 10 years the EU adopted a comprehensive set of legislation on the protection of animals during transport. In December 2000 the Commission transmitted a report to the Council of Ministries and to the European Parliament showing that Member State authorities have given low priority to the enforcement of animal protection legislation. The matter was then discussed both in the European Parliament and during the Agriculture Council of June 2001 and of September 2002. In addition, the Scientific Committee on Animal Health and Animal Welfare adopted a report in March 2002, concluding that both the welfare and health of animals can be substantially affected as a result of transport. Scientific conclusions will represent an important element of the future Commission proposal.

A meeting for invited representatives from NGOs, producers and consumer organisations will be held in Brussels on 20 November chaired by the Deputy Director General of DG Health and Consumer Protection, Ms Jaana Husu-Kallio. In addition the Commission will hold an open online consultation on specific topics related to animal transport, starting on 2 December. The online consultation is initiated in the framework of Interactive Policy Making, which helps the Commission to respond more quickly and accurately to the demands of citizens, consumers and business with a view to making EU policy-making more transparent, comprehensive and effective.

From 2 December to 16 December we invite you to participate in the online consultation that will be accessible on the following webpage:

Further information on animal welfare issues can be consulted here:

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