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Brussels, 21 December 2001

200 projects and 27 participant countries: outcomes of "Culture 2000" for 2001

This year the European Commission has funded almost 200 projects, totalling 30 million Euro, including different activities, ranging from the performing arts to cultural heritage. In 2001 « Culture 2000 » also contributed to the creation of cultural operators' networks and supported the European Cities of Culture selected for 2001 and 2002.

Commenting on the quality of the selected projects in 2001, Viviane Reding, member of the European Commission responsible for Education and Culture, stated her satisfaction at seeing Europe's cultural operators demonstrating a real and increasing commitment to transnational cooperation projects. Emphasising that « Europe's strength lies in its linguistic and cultural diversity », she welcomed the fact that « despite a modest budget, a programme like "Culture 2000" can help to reinforce the feeling of a shared identity by providing opportunities for exchanges between our cultures ».

In 2001, more than 500 applications were received under all actions. This high level of response reflects both the interest in the Programme by cultural operators from all corners of Europe and the extent of cultural co-operation at a European level. Panels of independent experts, also drawn from across Europe assure the quality of projects approved.

163 annual cultural co-operation projects amounting to approximately € 14.5 million and 23 multiannual co-operation projects amounting to approximately € 15 million have been selected. The Culture 2000 programme has also provided support for the European Cities of Culture, worth 1.000.000 Euro. This year's cities, Porto and Rotterdam, received € 350.000 each and next year's cities, Salamanca and Bruge, received € 125.000 each to prepare next year's cultural events.

Nine candidate countries from Central and Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Romania) participated in the programme for the first time this year. Sixty cultural operators from these countries participated as lead partners and/or co-organisers in the selected projects.

This year, the Culture 2000 programme supported projects in the sectors of cultural heritage, history and mutual knowledge, and artistic and literary creation (including literary translation).

Action1 : Annual cooperation projects involving at least three partners in the fields of cultural heritage (including European heritage laboratories), artistic and literary creation (including literary translation and co-operation with third countries), history and mutual knowledge (including projects commemorating Verdi). The 163 projects selected under this action are presented as follows:

  • Cultural heritage: 28 projects

  • European Heritage Laboratories: 3 projects

  • Artistic and Literary creation: 66 projects

  • Literary translation: 43 projects

  • History and mutual knowledge: 19 projects

  • Cultural co-operation with third countries: 2 projects

  • Verdi: 2 projects

Action 2: Multiannual co-operation projects involving at least five partners in the fields of cultural heritage, artistic and literary creation and history and mutual knowledge. The 23 selected projects under this action are presented as follows:

  • Cultural heritage: 9 projects

  • Artistic and literary creation: 9 projects

  • History and mutual knowledge: 5 projects

Due to Institutional Decision procedures (consultation of the European Parliament and examination from the Commission's financial control services), 3 projects of Action 1 and 6 projects of Action 2 are not, as yet, included in the above mentioned selected projects.

The list of projects for which a contract has already been drawn up is available from the spokesman's office.

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