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Brussels, 4 february 2000

Commission clears acquisitions by Suzuki Motor Corporation

The European Commission has cleared an operation through which Japanese company Suzuki Motor Corporation will acquire from the Dutch Homel Group three companies: its German motor vehicle distributor, Suzuki Auto GmbH Deutschland & Co KG, HOGIVA Verwaltungs-und Beteiligungs-GmbH, Suzuki Auto's general partner, and FAFIN Gesellschaft für Factoring and Leasing mbH, a company providing financial services to Suzuki automobile customers in Germany. As part of the same operation the Commission clears Suzuki Motor Corporation's purchase of the inventory of the Swiss corporation, CIAS AG, Suzuki's general importer into Europe.

After the operation, Suzuki Auto GmbH Deutschland & Co will cease to exist as a legal entity, its entire share capital having been acquired by Suzuki Motor Corporation, through HOGIVA, which it will first acquire through its German subsidiary, Suzuki Motor GmbH Deutschland. FAFIN will also be acquired by Suzuki Motor Corporation through HOGIVA.

The operation consists essentially of the vertical integration in Suzuki Motor Corporation of its wholesale distribution for passenger cars and parts in Germany and of Suzuki Motor Corporation's acquisition of the related business of the provision of financial services to Suzuki automobile customers in Germany. From the information provided by the Suzuki Motor Corporation to the Commission, it appears that the operation neither gives rise to any affected markets, nor presents any other competition concerns.

In the light of these factors, the Commission has considered that the proposed concentration does not lead to the creation or strengthening of a dominant position as a result of which effective competition would be significantly impeded in the EEA or any substantial part of that area.

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