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Luxembourg, 14 May 2014


EU Audit: Are Preferential Trade Arrangements appropriately managed?

European Court of Auditors (ECA) special reports are published throughout the year, presenting the results of selected audits of specific EU budgetary areas or management topics.

This special report assessed whether the Commission has appropriately assessed the economic effects of preferential trade arrangements (PTAs) and whether the controls thereon are effective in ensuring that imports cannot wrongly benefit from a preferential tariff, resulting in the loss of EU revenue.

Preferential trade arrangements cover trade between the EU and 180 countries and territories. The value of goods imported in the EU under these agreements amounted to more than € 242 billion, representing 14% of EU imports.

The main conclusions and recommendations of the report will be presented to the press by Mr Baudilio Tomé Muguruza (ES) the Member of the Court responsible for the report.

WEDNESDAY, 21 May 2014 at 10:30

VENUE The RESIDENCE PALACE - International Press Centre
155, rue de la Loi,
1040 Brussels – Belgium

A PRESS KIT, consisting of the Special Report and a press release, will be made available for the press briefing. The Special Report will be published on the Court's website,, in 23 official EU languages as they become available.

LIVE video Streaming will be available via EbS at: During the broadcast, questions may be sent via Twitter @EUAuditorsECA INTERPRETATION will be available in French and English.

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