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Luxembourg, 11 April 2013

Have EU Structural Measures successfully supported the regeneration of industrial and military brownfield sites?

In recent years, more and more derelict industrial and military sites (so-called brownfield sites) have become available for use. Their number in Europe is estimated to range from a few hundred in small Member States to a few hundred thousand in larger Member States with a rich industrial past. Many brownfield sites are contaminated. The regeneration and the re-use of brownfield sites is promoted by EU Structural Measures in order to protect human health and the environment and mitigate urban sprawl.

This special report assessed whether EU co-financed regeneration projects achieved their objectives; the targeting of EU support for industrial and military site regeneration was based on robust criteria; and the results were achieved at the lowest cost to the EU budget.

The audit was carried out from March to December 2011 at the Commission and in the five Member States which accounted for most of the expenditure in relation to projects financed during the 2000‑2006 and 2007‑2013 programming periods: Germany, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic. The sample of 27 projects examined was worth a total of € 231 million in EU co-financing

The main conclusions and recommendations of the report will be presented to the press by Mr Henri Grethen, Member of the Court.

Thursday, 18 April 2013 at 10:30

VENUE The RESIDENCE PALACE - International Press Centre
155, rue de la Loi,
1040 Brussels – Belgium

A PRESS KIT, consisting of the Special Report and a press release, will be made available for the press briefing. The Special Report will be published on the Court's website,, in 22 official languages.

INTERPRETATION will be available in French and English.

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