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Luxembourg, 07 January 2013

Cost-effectiveness of Cohesion Policy Investments in Energy Efficiency

The cost of increased energy consumption, the depletion of fossil fuel reserves and the effect of human activities on global climate change are drivers of recent energy efficiency policies. Since 2000, the European Union, through its Cohesion Policy funds, spent almost €5 billion for co-financing energy efficiency measures in the Member States. The European Commission and the Member States are both responsible for the sound financial management of these funds.

The European Court of Auditors has assessed whether Cohesion Policy investments in energy efficiency were cost-effective.

The main conclusions and recommendations of the report will be presented to the press by Mr Harald Wögerbauer, Member of the Court.

DATE AND TIME Monday, 14 January 2013 at 10:30

VENUE The RESIDENCE PALACE - International Press Centre
155, rue de la Loi,
1040 Brussels – Belgium

A PRESS KIT, consisting of the Special Report and a press release, will be made available for the press conference. The Special Report will be published on the Court's website,, in 22 official languages.

INTERPRETATION will be available in German and English.

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