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Press Release

The EU's Assembly of Regional and Local Representatives


Brussels, 23/11/2012

President Valcárcel stresses importance of reaching a good agreement on the EU Budget 2014-2020 on time

The President of the Committee of the Regions (CoR), Ramon Luis Valcárcel, has voiced concern that a new delay to reach an agreement on the Multi-Annual Financial Framework 2014-2020 will lead to serious problems for Europe's cities and regions.

Following today's failure to reach an agreement at the European Council, President Valcárcel said: "the uncertainty about the future budget risks to create serious problems for local and regional authorities who are struggling to support recovery". He also added that: "European citizens need a good agreement ensuring the due continuity of the EU policies".

President Valcárcel also underlined the crucial role of budgetary stability: "Cohesion policy must be consolidated and preserved, both in terms of investment capacity and assuring the continuity of the multi-annual investment planning". The EU's regions and local authorities are therefore calling for the provision of adequate funding to support growth and create jobs.

He also highlighted the relevant impact the Common Agricultural Policy has on rural communities and the strategic role of the infrastructure networks for an optimal integration of the peripheral areas into the single market. The Committee of the Regions has reiterated its commitment to continue fighting for a strong cohesion policy for all EU regions which entails the provision of a financial allocation that is equal to the challenges of the current crisis.

The Committee of the Regions

The Committee of the Regions is the EU's assembly of regional and local representatives. The mission of its 344 members from all 27 EU Member States is to involve regional and local authorities and the communities they represent in the EU's decision-making process and to inform them about EU policies. The European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council are obliged to consult the Committee in policy areas affecting regions and cities. It can appeal to the EU Court of Justice if its rights are infringed or it believes that an EU law infringes the subsidiarity principle or fails to respect regional or local powers.

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