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Commission européenne

Bruxelles, le 24 août 2012

CALENDRIER du 27 août au 2 septembre 2012

(Susceptible de modifications en cours de semaine)

Activités des Institutions

Déplacements et visites

Lundi 27 août

Mr Andris PIEBALGS and Mrs Kristalina GEORGIEVA attend the Alpbach Forum in Austria. Mrs Kristalina GEORGIEVA participates in the “Feeding Future Generations” panel

Ms Maria DAMANAKI receives Mr Gerard VAN BALSFOORT, Chairman of the Northern Pelagic Working Group

Mr Günther OETTINGER in Berlin: delivers a keynote speech at the Handelsblatt Conference "Erneuerbare Energien 2012" and meets with Mr Adnan Z. AMIN, Director General of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

Mardi 28 août

Mr Siim KALLAS receives Mr Sławomir NOWAK, Polish Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy and Mr Sebastian MIKOSZ CEO of LOT

Mr Andris PIEBALGS receives Mr Fernando MATOS, Secretary General of the European Business Council for Africa and the Mediterranean (EBCAM)

Mr Andris PIEBALGS meets with Ms Joanna MAYCOCK, President of the European Confederation of Development NGOs (CONCORD) (Brussels)

M. Michel BARNIER à Paris: rencontre M. Steven MAIJOOR, Président de l'Autorité européenne des valeurs mobilières; rencontre M. Pierre MOSCOVICI, Ministre français de l'Économie, des Finances et du Commerce extérieur; participe à une Conférence sur les Services financiers et assurances avec les Ambassadeurs français

Ms Maria DAMANAKI receives representatives of the Galician Small Scale Fisheries Sector, accompanied by Ms Ana MIRANDA, Member of the European Parliament

Mercredi 29 août

College meeting

Mr José Manuel Durão BARROSO in Austria (29-30/8): meets Mr Werner FAYMANN, Federal Chancellor of Austria (29/8); meets Mr Michael SPINDELEGGER, Vice-Chancellor and Foreign Minister of Austria (30/8); delivers a keynote speech at the European Forum Alpbach (30/8)

Mr Olli REHN participates in the Summer University conference of MEDEF (Le Mouvement des Entreprises de France) (Paris)

Mrs Androulla VASSILIOU attends the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympic Games (Olympics Stadium, London)

Jeudi 30 août

Mr Olli REHN speaks at the Finnish Municipal Leaders annual event in Kuopio, Finland

M. Michel BARNIER rencontre M. Johan VANDE LANOTTE, Vice-Premier ministre belge et Ministre de l'Economie, des Consommateurs et de la Mer du Nord (Bruxelles)

Mr Günther OETTINGER in Büdelsdorf/Rendsburg delivers a speech at the 2. Energieforum Schleswig-Holstein

Ms Connie HEDEGAARD receives a delegation from the EU-supported education project "reducing climate change" who will present her a declaration with policy suggestions prepared by the participating pupils

Mr Štefan FÜLE receives the Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia, Ms Suzana GRUBJEŠIĆ

Vendredi 31 août

Mr José Manuel Durão BARROSO and Mrs Kristalina GEORGIEVA in Sofia, Bulgaria to attend the opening ceremony of the second metro diameter of Sofia Metro. Mr José Manuel Durão BARROSO meets with Mr Boyko BORISSOV, Prime-Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria

Ms Connie HEDEGAARD participates in a Policy Panel Debate on Sustainability Transitions, IST 2012 (Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen)

Mr Štefan FÜLE receives the International Civilian Representative of the International Steering Group for Kosovo, Mr Pieter FEITH

Samedi 1 septembre

Mr José Manuel Durão BARROSO delivers a speech on "Europe's Challenges" at a Yale Law School conference (The Hague)

Dimanche 2 septembre

Prévisions du mois d'août 2012

30/08 Informal European Affairs (CY)

31/08 Political and Security Committee (PSC) (Brussels)

Prévisions du mois de septembre 2012

04/09 Political and Security Committee (PSC) (Brussels)

09-11/09 Informal AGRIFISH Council (CY)

14-15/09 Informal ECOFIN Council (CY)

17/09 Informal Energy Council (CY)

19-20/09 Justice and Home Affairs Council JHA

20-21/09 Informal Sports Council (CY)

21/09 Political and Security Committee (PSC)

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