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Meeting in  Plenary  Session  on  24 April  1996,  the  Economic  and  Social
Committee  adopted  (by   a  majority  with   one  vote   against  and   five
abstentions), an Opinion  on the Communication  from the  Commission and  the
Proposal for a  Council Decision designating  1997 as  European Year  against
Racism. The  Rapporteur was Mr C. KORYFIDIS  (Group II, Greece),  and the Co-
Rapporteur was Dame Jocelyn BARROW (Group III, United Kingdom). 

The Committee endorses both documents, but subject to certain comments. 

Since the  Commission's aims are ambitious  in comparison  with the resources
provided, the Committee calls for  the amounts concerned to be  increased and
for the number of  actions to be restricted. It supports all the Commission's
proposals on the promotion of supranational programmes against racism. 

The  Committee  places  particular  emphasis  on  the  use  of  education  to
cultivate and develop and anti-racist  awareness, and on the  mobilization of
the mass media to combat manifestations of racism.

The  Committee  considers  that  the  European  Year  against  Racism  should
contribute not  only to  a stance opposing  the dangers  of racism, but  also
cast  the positive  and  welcome  changes occurring  in  our  societies in  a
favourable light. 

The Commission should also make use of  the Declaration on the prevention  of
racial discrimination and  xenophobia and the promotion of equal treatment in
the workplace, adopted in Florence in 1995. 

The  Committee also recalls  that the fight  against racism  involves a daily
struggle  at the social level -at  work, at school, in  places of leisure and
at home. 


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