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Brussels, Friday 7 March 2014

Top News from the European Commission
8 March – 4 April 2014

Background notes from the Spokesperson’s service for journalists
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Tuesday 11 March: An area of freedom, security and justice

The news:

On 11 March 2014, the European Commission is putting forward two policy communications setting out the top political priorities in the area of Justice and Home Affairs, beyond 2014. They identify what has been achieved; the challenges that lie ahead and present concrete measures that the European Commission believes should be taken into account when the European Council defines the strategic guidelines for the future of Justice and Home Affairs.

The background:

For more than twenty years, Justice and Home Affairs areas have been the object of important developments under the EU Treaties. The building-up of an area of freedom, security and justice is one of the key objectives of the Union and an element for further integration of the internal market.

The European Council's five-year Stockholm programme and the related Commission action plan setting the priorities for the area of freedom, security and justice will come to an end in December 2014. Under the new institutional set-up of the Treaty of Lisbon, the adoption of measures in the field of justice and home affairs follows the "Community method", which requires a co-decision between the European Parliament and the Council. The Commission Communications will feed into further discussions, notably those of the European Council on 24 June.

The event:

Press Material: IPs and MEMO will be available on the day.

Press Conference with President Barroso, Vice-President Reding and Commissioner Malmström in the European Parliament in Strasbourg (to be confirmed).

  • Available on EbS

The sources:

Vice-President Reding's website:

Justice Newsroom:

Homepage of Cecilia Malmström, Commissioner for Home Affairs

Homepage DG Home Affairs:

The contacts:

Mina Andreeva +32 2 299-1382

Natasha Bertaud +32 2 296-7456

Michele Cercone: +32 229-80963

Tove Ernst: +32 229-86764

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