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Daily News – 25.10.2010

EXME 10 / 25.10

Midday Express of 2010-10-25

News from the Communication Directorate General's midday briefing

Nouvelles du rendez-vous de midi de la Direction Générale Communication

European Civil Justice Day: Three out of four Europeans want better access to justice abroad

Three out of four Europeans (73%) want action to help them resolve legal disputes and assert their rights in other EU Member States, according to a new Eurobarometer survey released today. The report coincides with European Civil Justice Day, which aims to raise awareness of people's rights to access civil justice when they work, get married, have children or buy goods and services elsewhere in the EU.

The EU calls on trading partners to honour their commitment to remove protectionist trade barriers

A new report published today by the European Commission shows that more than 330 trade restrictive measures have been taken by the European Union's major trade partners since the outbreak of the financial and economic crisis in 2008. Despite the economic recovery and contrary to the G20 commitment, a mere ten percent of those measures have been removed in the meantime. Ahead of the G20 summit in Seoul, the European Commission calls on its trading partners to remove the remaining restrictions in order not to undermine the recovery.

The European Commission grants € 9.5 million to support the electoral process in the Central African Republic

On 25 October, the Commission adopted the decision to financially support the 2011 electoral process in the Central African Republic. This will contribute to consolidating the peace building process in the Central African Republic. The presidential and legislative elections will take place on 23 January and 20 March.

State aid: Commission approves Danish State support for the liquidation of Fionia Bank

The European Commission has approved under EU state aid rules a package of Danish measures to liquidate Fionia Bank, a small bank that became insolvent in the wake of the financial crisis. The bank was initially rescued by the Danish government, a rescue that was temporarily approved by the Commission in May 2009. But as the rescue failed, Denmark sold a significant portion of Fionia to Nordea after an open tender. The bank's high-risk assets have been put in a winding-up facility. The Commission found the liquidation to be in line with its Communication on the restructuring of the financial sector during the crisis (see IP/09/1180) as the measures are both appropriate and proportionate and address a serious disturbance of the market while keeping the potential distortions of competition to the minimum.

Conference on making European truck parking areas safer

The European Commission and the Belgian Presidency will host today and tomorrow [25 and 26 October] a conference in Brussels on improving European truck parking areas. Some 200 experts from the transport and logistics industry, police organisations and government officials will attend to discuss the problems created by attacks on vehicles with high-value cargo and by the insufficient number of rest facilities for drivers. They will also look at initiatives at national and European level that could help to combat crime and attacks on cargo and to develop more safe and secure truck parking areas. This will include the results of a project co-funded by the European Union which has developed a labelling scheme on the quality and security of rest areas. See also: and

JRC Annual Lecture – Climate services: fit for purpose?

Yvo de Boer will give the European Commission Joint Research Centre's second annual lecture on Wednesday 27 October in Brussels. The title is "Climate services: fit for purpose?". Mr de Boer is the former United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Executive Secretary and is currently working for KPMG as Special Global Advisor for Climate Change and Sustainability. ‘Climate services’ in essence means detailed climate information tailored to the needs of specific end users and delivered on demand. In the past year, several nations, including Germany and the US, have set up national climate services, and last September the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) established a Global Framework for Climate Services. Where local and regional stakeholders have very specific information requests, on which multi-million-euro decisions rest, climate scientists can find themselves having to communicate science that is still highly uncertain. So, can climate services meet the expectations of their end users? What are the limitations of climate services? The lecture will start at 17:45 at Hotel Renaissance (Rue du Parnasse 19) and will be followed by a reception. Journalists are welcome but prior registration is necessary at , where more details can also be found.

La Commission autorise l'acquisition d'ECS par Econocom

La Commission européenne a autorisé, en vertu du règlement de l'UE sur les concentrations, l'acquisition d'ECS par Econocom. Econocom est un groupe belge qui offre aux entreprises une gamme complète de services de gestion de leurs ressources informatiques et télécoms. ECS est une société française qui a pour principale activité la gestion des ressources informatiques des entreprises à travers le financement et le pilotage d'actifs IT ainsi que les services d'exploitation des infrastructures distribuées IT. L'opération a été examinée selon la procédure simplifiée de traitement de certaines opérations de concentration.

Commission clears the creation of a joint venture between Intel and General Electric

The European Commission has granted clearance under the EU Merger Regulation to the creation of a joint venture between Intel and General Electric. Intel designs, develops, manufactures, and markets microprocessors, chipsets, and other semiconductor components. General Electric is a global, diversified manufacturing, technology and services company, which through its subsidiary GE Healthcare is also active in healthcare equipment and services. The joint venture will develop and market hardware, software and services for remote personal health care for use in residential settings and other non clinical settings. The operation was examined under the simplified merger review procedure.

Industrial new orders up by 5.3% in euro area

In August 2010 compared with July 2010, the euro area (EA16) industrial new orders index rose by 5.3%. In July the index fell by 1.8%. In the EU27, new orders increased by 3.6% in August 2010, after a decline of 1.6% in July. Excluding ships, railway & aerospace equipment, for which changes tend to be more volatile, industrial new orders rose by 4.1% in the euro area and by 3.3% in the EU27. In August 2010 compared with August 2009, industrial new orders grew by 24.4% in the euro area and by 22.6% in the EU27. Total industry excluding ships, railway & aerospace equipment4 rose by 23.5% and 23.0% respectively. These estimates are released by Eurostat.

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