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Libraries and archives

Libraries of EU institutions

  • The Council of the European Union central library

    The library is open to Council staff, trainees, member state delegates and staff of other EU institutions. Researchers and students may also request access.

  • Eurolib

    A grouping of the EU’s institutional libraries that improves the performance of library staff through inter-library contacts and staff exchange

Digital libraries

  • European Commission Library and e-Resources Centre (Find-eR)

    Explore a wealth of resources on EU policies, law and more in the European Commission Library's print and electronic collections

  • Europeana

    Search the 6 million digital items belonging to European cultural collections

  • European Library

    Search the content of Europe’s national libraries by content type or by country

  • EU media libraries

    EU institutions offer photo, video and audio coverage of European news for use by broadcasters, news agencies, the written press and anyone requiring material on the EU

EU archives

Historical archives of EU institutions

NOTE: Each institution and body has its own archives service to manage its documents and files throughout their lifecycle. Access to the EU's historical archives is subject to the 30-year rule, which means that the files are opened to the public 30 years after they were produced.