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Council discusses conditions in the EU's fruit and vegetable sector

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Agriculture, fisheries and food

Meeting in Luxembourg, the Agriculture and Fisheries Council discussed a report on the fruit and vegetable sector and adopted a number of legislative measures without discussion. 


Organics: Commission proposal for more and better Choose translations of the previous link 

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Agriculture, fisheries and food

The European Commission has published new proposals for a new Regulation on organic production and the labelling of organic products. Consumer and producer concerns are at the heart of this new proposal, which seeks to address shortcomings of the current system.


Council debates renewed measures to promote EU agricultural products

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Agriculture, fisheries and food

The Agriculture and Fisheries Council discussed the promotion of agricultural products and labelling of origin for meat products.


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Council examines promotion of farm products in the EU and beyond


Agriculture, fisheries and food

EU agriculture ministers discussed a draft regulation aimed at reforming the information and promotion policy of EU's agricultural products.


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Commission tables proposals on animal cloning and novel food


Agriculture, fisheries and food, Environment, consumers and health

The European Commission has adopted three draft laws on animal cloning and on novel food which will provide legal certainty in this field. Two proposals will ban the use of the cloning technique in the EU for farm animals1 and the imports of these animal clones.


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Main results of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council


Agriculture, fisheries and food

The Council adopted the common agricultural policy (CAP) reform package and transitional CAP measures for 2014 following a first-reading agreement with the European Parliament. Concerning fisheries, the ministers reached a political agreement on fishing opportunities 2014 for certain fish stocks in the Black Sea.


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Green light for new sustainable EU fisheries policy from 2014


Agriculture, fisheries and food

The Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) reform package, including measures to halt overfishing and a ban on discarding fish at sea, Parliament's key aims, was approved in a final plenary vote.


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European Commission intensifies the fight against illegal fishing


Agriculture, fisheries and food

Following a formal warning one year ago, the European Commission intensifies its fight against illegal fishing by identifying Belize, Cambodia and Guinea as non-cooperating third countries.


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Towards a new European agricultural and agri-food product promotion policy


Agriculture, fisheries and food

This new promotion policy, which benefits from a more substantial budget and will in the future be supported by a European executive agency, is intended to act as key for opening up new markets.


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Commission to recover €180 million of CAP expenditure from the Member States


A total of €180 million of EU agricultural policy funds, unduly spent by Member States, is being claimed back by the European Commission today under the so-called clearance of accounts procedure.


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Main results of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council


As regards agriculture, there was a public debate on the state of play on the common agricultural policy (CAP) reform package. Concerning fisheries issues, ministers reached an agreement for a full general approach on a proposal for the European maritime and fisheries fund (EMFF) within the framework of the common fisheries policy (CFP) reform package.


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Environment: What future for our food system?


The consultation asks stakeholders, citizens, businesses, NGOs and public authorities for ideas on immediate action to reduce food waste and more generally on how to ensure our food system is using resources efficiently.


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EU farm policy after 2014: MEPs, Council and Commission strike a political deal


More emphasis on environmental protection, mandatory top-ups for young farmers in all member states, stronger farmers' organisations and less red tape when spending EU funds. These are the main lines of the agreement on farm policy struck on Wednesday by Parliament, Council and the Commission. Decisions still need to be taken on capping direct payments to bigger farms and distributing funds between farmers.


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Main results of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council


As regards agriculture, the Council held a debate on the outcome of the trilogues on the proposals for the direct payments regulation, the single common market organisation (CMO) regulation, the rural development regulation and the horizontal regulation within the framework of reform of the common agricultural policy (CAP).


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New rules for baby food, special diet food and low-calorie food


Rules on the labelling and content of baby milks and foods for special medical purposes will be better defined in order to protect consumers and distinguish more clearly between foods for normal consumption and foods for specific groups under legislation.