European Parliament Committee Meetings

European Parliament Committee Meetings
  • Start date : 01/12/2014 00:00:00
  • End date : 04/12/2014 23:59:59
  • Where : Brussels, Belgium

Political Meetings, European Parliament, Institutional affairs

European Parliament's committees are primarily responsible for preparing the legislative work for Parliament's plenary, on the basis of which it adopts legislative resolutions.


Their core task is to draw up reports on legislative proposals that have been referred to Parliament, or on which Parliament has been consulted, and on own-initiative reports.


Parliament has 20 standing committees, and 2 subcommittees, each responsible for an area of community policy: foreign affairs, environment, development, international trade, budget etc, and working methods appropriate to its areas of expertise.


Special committees are sometimes created on an ad-hoc basis to address a specific topic.


Each committee elects a chairman and four vice-chairmen for consecutive periods of two and a half years in each parliamentary term. Each committee has its own secretariat.


Committees meet in public, once or twice a month, generally during the weeks that follow plenary sittings in Strasbourg. The meetings are broadcasted live (through EP Live).



  • Economic Dialogue and exchange of views with P MOSCOVICI, Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs, on “The Commission's opinion on the Draft Budgetary Plans of euro area member states and on the review of  the 6/2 Packs regulations” in ECON
  • Economic Dialogue and exchange of views with L ALBUQUERQUE, Minister of State and Finance of Portugal in ECON
  • Economic Dialogue and exchange of views on the Annual Growth Survey and the Alert Mechanism Report with V DOMBROVSKIS, P MOSCOVICI and M THYSSEN in ECON and EMPL
  • EU Emissions Trading System market stability report and Quality of petrol and diesel fuels in ENVI
  • Personal protective equipment and Cableway installations in IMCO



  • Exchange of views on “Recent allegations concerning EULEX Kosovo mission” in CONT
  • Meetings with M KHODORKOVSKY, founder of the Open Russia Movement, and the Prime Minister of Lebanon, T SALAM in AFET
  • Hearing on “Revision of the shareholders’ rights directive” by JURI
  • Joint Committee meeting on “Commission Mid-term report on the 2012-2016 EU Strategy towards the eradication of trafficking in human beings” and “Global Report on Trafficking in Persons of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime” by FEMM and LIBE
  • Hearing on “Transport accessibility and connectivity in Central and Eastern Europe” by TRAN
  • EYE 2014 - European Youth Event speed hearing in EMPL
  • Public hearing on “Employment and social aspects of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)” by EMPL and INTA
  • Public Hearing on “Bank Structural Reform” by ECON
  • Hearing on the "Organic production and labelling of organic products" by AGRI
  • Public Hearing on “Supporting Innovative Start-ups and SMEs” by ITRE
  • Hearing on “Challenges to freedom of expression and democracy in Hong Kong in the light of recent events” by DROI
  • Public hearing on “#ChildrenNotSoldiers - How to better protect children in armed conflicts” by DROI and AFET
  • Public hearing on “Fisheries in the outermost regions” by PECH
  • Hearing on “Human rights and the situation of minorities in Ukraine, with a special focus on Crimea” by DROI
  • Hearing on “Reform of the European electoral law” by AFCO
  • Public hearing on “EU air quality policy:  Reducing national emissions beyond 2020” by ENVI
  • Public hearing on “Trade in minerals originating in conflict-affected and high risk areas” by INTA


Full agenda: go to List of Committees (cf. below)