European Parliament Plenary Session

European Parliament Plenary Session
  • Start date : 14/04/2014 00:00:00
  • End date : 17/04/2014 23:59:59
  • Where : Strasbourg, France

Political Meetings, European Parliament, Institutional affairs

The Plenary Sessions represent the culmination of the legislative work done in committees and in the political groups.


These sessions are where the Parliament formally sits to vote on EU legislation and adopt its position on political issues. The MEPs (the Members of the European Parliament) meet around once a month in Strasbourg for a four-day part session from Monday to Thursday. In addition to these twelve annual Strasbourg sessions, the Parliament may also meet in additional two-day plenary sessions in Brussels up to six times a year.


The European parliament has 766 elected members from 28 Member States of the European Union and conducts its plenary debates in 24 languages.


The agenda for the plenary sitting is published online. This agenda is deemed to be definitive only after the adoption by the Conference of Presidents (of political groups) - in principle each Thursday before the Strasbourg part-session. 



  • Dimensions and weight for road vehicles (debate and vote)
  • Food, animal and plant health (debate and vote)
  • MFF 2014-2020 : lessons to be learned and the way forward (debate and vote)
  • Banking Union (debate and vote)
  • Product safety and consumer protection (debate and vote)
  • Single Resolution Mechanism and Single Bank Resolution Fund (vote)
  • Payment accounts (vote)
  • European account preservation order (vote)
  • Posting of workers(debate and vote)
  • Markets in financial instruments (vote)
  • Transfer of motor vehicles (debate and vote)
  • 100 years on from the 1st World War: lessons to learn and future of Europe
  • Russian pressure on Eastern Partnership countries and in particular destabilisation of eastern Ukraine (debate and resolution)
  • Own resources (debate and vote)
  • Religious freedoms and cultural diversity (debate and resolution)


Full agenda: go to Séance en Direct below