European Parliament Committee Meetings

European Parliament Committee Meetings
  • Start date : 17/03/2014 00:00:00
  • End date : 20/03/2014 23:59:59
  • Where : European Parliament, Brussels

Political Meetings, European Parliament, Institutional affairs

European Parliament's committees are primarily responsible for preparing the legislative work for Parliament's plenary, on the basis of which it adopts legislative resolutions.


Their core task is to draw up reports on legislative proposals that have been referred to Parliament, or on which Parliament has been consulted, and on own-initiative reports.


Parliament has 20 standing committees, and 2 subcommittees, each responsible for an area of community policy: foreign affairs, environment, development, international trade, budget etc, and working methods appropriate to its areas of expertise.


Special committees are sometimes created on an ad-hoc basis to address a specific topic.


Each committee elects a chairman and four vice-chairmen for consecutive periods of two and a half years in each parliamentary term. Each committee has its own secretariat.


Committees meet in public, once or twice a month, generally during the weeks that follow plenary sittings in Strasbourg. The meetings are broadcasted live (through EP Live).



  • EU strategy towards Iran (vote) in AFET
  • Discharge 2012 (vote) in CONT
  • EU-Japan strategic partnership agreement (vote) in AFET
  • Posting of workers and Portability of supplementary pension rights (votes) in EMPL
  • Statute and funding of European political parties and European political foundations (vote) in AFCO
  • Electronic communications and Nuclear safety of nuclear installations (votes) in ITRE
  • Port services and Maximum authorised dimensions and weight for road vehicles (votes) in TRAN
  • New technologies and open educational resources (vote) in CULT
  • Simplification of the transfer of motor vehicles registered in another Member State within the Single Market (vote) in IMCO
  • MFF 2014-2020 : lessons to be learned and the way forward (vote) in BUDG
  • Aviation emission limits, Shipments of waste and Sound level of motor vehicles (votes) in ENVI
  • Trilogue on Banking Union
  • Fight against fraud to the EU’s financial interests by means of criminal law (vote) in CONT and LIBE
  • Reduction or elimination of customs duties on goods originating in Ukraine (vote) by INTA


Full agenda: go to List of Committees (cf. below)



  • Economic Dialogue and exchange of views with P MOSCOVICI, Finance Minister of France in ECON
  • Public Hearing on “EU response to Russian foreign and trade policy towards the countries of the Eastern Partnership” by AFET and INTA
  • Hearing on “The impact of the TTIP in the internal market” by IMCO
  • Public Hearing with D NOUY, Chair of the Supervisory Board of the ECB in ECON
  • Public Hearing on” The TTIP and Financial Services Regulation” by ECON
  • Exchange of views with A AL-JARBA, President of the National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces in AFET
  • Hearing on “International Year of Family Farming (IYFF) 2014 –The Role of the EU” by AGRI
  • Workshop on “Credit Rating Agencies: Implementation of Legislation” by ECON
  • Audition publique sur « L'avenir de l'Europe: quel arrangement institutionnel? » par AFCO
  • Joint Parliamentary Meeting on “Future Priorities in the field of Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs” by LIBE and National Parliaments
  • Hearing on “Work-life Balance and Gender Equality” by FEMM
  • Public Hearing on "Partnership Agreements: where are we now?" by REGI
  • Hearing on “Business and human rights” by DROI