European Commission adopts a proposal for a Directive on bank accounts

European Commission adopts a proposal for a Directive on bank accounts
  • Start date : 08/05/2013 00:00:00
  • End date : 08/05/2013 23:59:59
  • Where : Brussels, Belgium

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The news:

The European Commission will unveil the proposal for a directive focusing on the transparency and comparability of bank account fees, bank account switching and access to a basic bank account.


The background:

The proposed directive on bank accounts will concern three areas:

  • Comparability of bank account fees: the aim is to make it easier for consumers to compare the fees charged for bank accounts by banks and other payment service providers in the EU;

  • Bank account switching: the purpose is to establish a simple and quick procedure for consumers who wish to change from their current bank account to a different one, with the same or a different bank or other financial institution;

  • Access to bank accounts: the aim is to allow all EU consumers, irrespective of their country of residence or financial situation, to open a payment account, which allows them to perform essential operations.

Improving the transparency and comparability of fees together with a smoother switching process will enable consumers to benefit from better offers and lower costs for their bank accounts. At the same time, the financial industry will benefit from increased mobility of consumers, with reduced barriers to entry to the market, including cross-border. Finally, to guarantee that as many consumers as possible can enjoy the benefits of these improvements, it is essential to ensure that every EU citizen has the right to access to basic payment account services.

Previous efforts have been made to address these issues, including the adoption by the Commission in July 2011 of a Recommendation on access to a basic payment account (see IP/11/897). However a set of more comprehensive and legally binding measures on payment accounts is needed in order to ensure that the Single Market works for all citizens.


The event:

Commissioners Michel Barnier and Tonio Borg will present the proposal at a press conference preceded by a technical briefing – details to be confirmed.

Press release and MEMO will be available on the day.