European Commission proposes to modernise its Trade Defence Instruments

European Commission proposes to modernise its Trade Defence Instruments
  • Start date : 10/04/2013 00:00:00
  • End date : 10/04/2013 23:59:59
  • Where : Brussels, Belgium

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The news:


Trade Defence Instruments (TDI) are the legal means by which European companies can respond to unfair trade practices in third countries, such as dumping or subsidies, to restore a level playing field for their business. The EU system of trade defence applies the highest EU and WTO legal standards but from time to time a review is needed – within these legal frameworks - to ensure they remain relevant to new challenges across the changing economic landscape. This proposal aims to review and improve in a pragmatic and balanced way the EU's Trade Defence Instruments for the benefit of all stakeholders – from producers, importers, to small, medium and large companies and, of course, consumers. The overall ambition is to make these instruments more efficient, transparent and user-friendly.


The background:

In line with WTO rules, the EU has three trade remedy instruments at its disposal to address unfair or suddenly rising imports due to unfair practices by non-EU countries: anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and safeguards, of which anti-dumping is the most frequently used. As an example, when an EU industry considers that imports of a product from a non-EU country are subsidised or sold at prices lower than the market value and therefore injuring the EU industry producing the same product, it can lodge a complaint with the European Commission, providing evidence of the unfair practice and economic difficulties caused. The European Commission is responsible for investigating these allegations of dumping or subsidisation.


The event:

Technical briefing off-the-record in the Berlaymont press room in Brussels at 11.30.

A press release, as well as the Communication, the legislative proposal and guidelines will be available on the day.