Europol - the EU hub for support to law enforcement cooperation and training

Europol - the EU hub for support to law enforcement cooperation and training
  • Start date : 27/03/2013 00:00:00
  • End date : 27/03/2013 23:59:59
  • Where : Brussels, Belgium

Non Legislative, European Commission, Institutional affairs

The news:


The European Commission will present a proposal to make Europol more effective at collecting information, analysing it and sharing these analyses with the Member States, in turn providing even more concrete and targeted support to the national law enforcement authorities in their cross-border cooperation and investigations. The new Regulation also strengthens the link between training and support to operational cooperation, by merging the European Police College (Cepol) within Europol and by making Europol responsible for joint training and exchange programmes for police and other law enforcement personnel. At the same time, it increases Europol's accountability, strengthens the protection of personal data, and aligns its governance with those of other EU agencies.


The background:

With the Stockholm Programme, the European Council called on Europol to evolve and "become a hub for information exchange between the law enforcement authorities of the Member States, a service provider and a platform for law enforcement services". It also called for the establishment of European training schemes and exchange programmes for all relevant law enforcement professionals at national and EU level.


The event:

13.00 Technical briefing by expert in DG HOME.

IP and MEMO will be available on the day.