Competitiveness Council

Competitiveness Council
  • Start date : 18/02/2013 00:00:00
  • End date : 19/02/2013 23:59:59
  • Where : Justus Lipsius building, Brussels, Belgium

Council of the EU and European Council, Economy, finance, tax and competition, Environment, consumers and health, Business

Research and innovation issues:


  • the Council will hold a debate on the Europe 2020 strategy for growth and jobs on the basis of the Commission's Annual Growth Survey for 2013, as the ministers in charge of the internal market will do on Tuesday. In this context, ministers will also hear a report by the Commission on the implementation of the Innovation Union commitments, which includes the establishment of a single innovation indicator to assess innovation performance and to implement, and monitor progress of, the EU's innovation policy;
  • ministers for research will hold a debate on open access to scientific information of publicfunded research projects;
  • the Council will take stock of Joint Programming activities carried out in the field of research. Joint Programming is a process designed to ensure the optimisation of research efforts. It aims to reinforce cross-border cooperation and the coordination and alignment of national publicly funded research programmes.


Internal market and industry issues:

  • the Council will hold a debate on the Commission's Annual Growth Survey for 2013. The Annual Growth Survey is the starting point for the European Semester, which involves simultaneous monitoring of the member states' fiscal, economic and employment policies during a six-month period every year;
  • the Council will discuss the state of play of the Single Market Act packages, which are made up of priority measures aimed at the completion of the single market by increasing confidence and stimulating growth and jobs creation;
  • the Council will also address the situation of the steel industry in Europe;
  • ministers will exchange views on a recent action plan drawn up by the Commission aimed at boosting the entrepreneurial spirit in Europe;
  • the Council will hold an exchange of views on the review of the "REACH system" for the registration and authorisation of chemical substances.


A presidency briefing, agenda and background note will be published on the Council website closer to the date of the meeting.