Commission's weekly College meeting

Commission's weekly College meeting
  • Start date : 30/01/2013 00:00:00
  • End date : 30/01/2013 23:59:59
  • Where : Brussels, Belgium

European Commission, Institutional affairs

The European Commissioners meet every Wednesday in Brussels, except when the European Parliament holds its plenary session, in which case they meet on a Tuesday in Strasbourg.


For each meeting, the President of the Commission adopts an agenda which is prepared by the Secretariat-General. The Commission may decide by majority vote, however, to discuss a question which is not on the agenda or for which the necessary working documents have been distributed late. The final agenda is circulated to the members of the Commission on the day before the meeting.


The meetings are not public and all discussions are confidential. However, the minutes of the most recent Commission meeting are usually available one week after the meeting is held. They are available in French and in English.


Most of the Commission's decisions are not taken during its meetings. The Commission adopts mostly by written procedure. A project decision or draft is circulated between all Commissioners who can make comments or ask for changes during the time frame given. The decision is adopted when no comments have been given.