• Start date : 26/01/2013 00:00:00
  • End date : 27/01/2013 23:59:59
  • Where : Santiago, Chile

External relations and foreign affairs

The first Summit between the European Union and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States will bring together European, Latin American and Caribbean Heads of State and Government in Santiago (Chile).


The central theme of the Summit will be: “Alliance for Sustainable Development: Promoting Social and Environmental Quality Investments”.


Although the summit will maintain the thriving dialogue of the six previous summits between the Latin American and Caribbean States and the European Union, for the first time the former come forth under a common umbrella, the CELAC.


Also in an unprecedented way, the Santiago summit of leaders will incorporate in its dialogue the conclusions of the work of multiple Civil Society forums and a Judicial Power Summit will be held in both regions, thus incorporating the three powers of the State in the bi-regional partnership.