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Scientific and technological cooperation with Egypt

The Agreement on scientific and technological cooperation between Egypt and the European Community (EC) aims to encourage the development and facilitation of scientific and technological cooperation between the two signatories of the agreement. In particular it enables Egyptian and European researchers to participate in projects developed by either party.


Council Decision 2008/180/EC of 25 February 2008 concerning the conclusion of the Agreement on scientific and technological cooperation between the European Community and the Arab Republic of Egypt.


This decision marks the conclusion of the Agreement on scientific and technological cooperation by the European Community (EC). This was a provisional agreement between the Community and Egypt signed on 21 June 2005.

The aim of the Agreement is to strengthen cooperation between the two parties in the fields of common interest where they are carrying out scientific and technological research and development projects.

The Agreement enables Egyptian legal entities * to participate in the framework programme of the European Community and, vice versa, legal entities in the Member States can participate in Egypt’s research programmes and projects in themes equivalent to those of the EC Framework programme. Activities undertaken include the implementation of research programmes, technological development and demonstration activities promoting cooperation with and between businesses, centres of research, universities, non-member countries and international organisations. The activities also aim to encourage training and the movement of researchers, as well as the dissemination and optimisation of the results of research activities, whilst also respecting the provisions for intellectual property rights.

The two parties shall facilitate the free movement of researchers and materials used for the activities covered in the Agreement. Grant funding can be allocated to a legal entity of Egypt participating in a Community action.

Coordination is undertaken by a joint committee called “EC-Egypt Joint Scientific and Technological Cooperation Committee”. The Committee is responsible for the evaluation and implementation of the Agreement. The remit of the Committee also includes the identification of sectors where cooperation could be developed and research priorities. The Committee shall meet at least once a year.


The Agreement between the European Community and Egypt establishes a formal framework for cooperation in scientific and technological research

Key terms of the act
  • Legal entity: any natural person, or any legal person created under the national law of its place of establishment or under Community law or international law, having legal personality and being entitled to have rights and obligations of any kind in its own name.


ActEntry into forceDeadline for transposition in the Member StatesOfficial Journal
Decision 2008/180/EC



OJ L 59 of 4.3.2008

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