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Scientific and technologic cooperation with Israel

This Decision aims to renew the Agreement on Scientific and Technological Cooperation concluded between the State of Israel and the European Community. The Agreement enables that country to join the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Development. It enables Israeli researchers to participate in the activities carried out under this programme. However, it does not cover nuclear research and therefore excludes participation of Israeli researchers in the Seventh Euratom Framework Programme.


Council Decision 2008/181/EC of 25 February 2008 concerning the conclusion of the Agreement on Scientific and Technical Cooperation between the European Community and the State of Israel.


The subject of this Decision is the conclusion of a new Agreement on Scientific and Technological Cooperation between Israel and the European Community.

This Agreement applies provisionally from 1 January 2007. It has been concluded for the duration of the Seventh Framework Programme.

In practice, the Agreement enables Israeli research bodies to join the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Development, and the specific programmes which result from it.

This cooperation does not cover nuclear research and therefore does not include the activities implemented under the 7th Euratom Framework Programme.

The new Agreement continues in line with the preceding agreement, which entered into force in May 2004, and therefore provides for Israel’s budgetary contribution. It reiterates the provisions relating to intellectual property rights. However, the Agreement has been adapted to fit in with the specificities of the new Framework Programme, particularly with regard to Israel’s participation in the legal structures (in accordance with Article 169 and 171 of the EC Treaty).

Moreover, the cooperation between the two parties may include:

  • regular discussions on the orientations and priorities for research policies and planning in Israel and the Union;
  • discussions on cooperation prospects and development;
  • access to information concerning the implementation of research programmes and projects and concerning the results of work carried out under this Agreement;
  • joint meetings;
  • visits and exchanges of research workers, engineers and technicians;
  • regular contact and monitoring;
  • participation of experts in seminars, symposia and other workshops.

The function of the ‘EC-Israel Research Committee’ is to:

  • ensure, evaluate and review the implementation of this Agreement;
  • examine any measure which could improve and develop cooperation;
  • regularly discuss the future orientations and priorities of research policies and research planning in Israel and the Union and the prospects for future cooperation.

This Committee shall meet at least once a year.


ActEntry into forceDeadline for transposition in the Member StatesOfficial Journal
Decision 2008/181/EC



OJ L 59 of 4.3.2008

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